WWE Opens Performance Center In The UK (Video)

On the day of NXT UK’s first Takeover event, Triple H held a live stream on social media inside the brand new UK Performance Center that featured special guests Finn Balor. Charlotte Flair and WWE UK Champion Pete Dunn:


Sir Mitch Says: This shows WWE’s commitment to the NXT UK brand and the larger goal of setting up NXT’s and Performance Centers in other countries to increase its global influence even further.

However, it should be mentioned that thus far, NXT UK has not really caught on in the VERY healthy UK Wrestling scene the way Triple H and WWE have hoped it would. While tickets for Takeover: Blackpool sold quickly, tickets for thier reguler TV tapings have been soft at best. In fact, the TV taping following the day after Takeover (which is being held in the same 3,000 seat venue) is nowhere close to sold out with front row seats going for 28 pounds (35 dollars US) a pop.

In contrast, local promotions such as RevPro sell out venues larger than that every month. Even local promotions WWE have partnered with to give its contracted UK stars places to work in-between tapings (NXT UK is yet to hold house shows) are outdrawing WWE’s UK brand by a wide margin.

While things can always turn around…the future of NXT UK isn’t as bright as Triple H claims it is in this video!