Smackdown Live (1/15/19)

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Written and directed by Baron Botch…

Mandy Rose & Naomi star in the brand-new winter thriller, “Fake Outrage”…

Co-starring the Wrestling Twitter-verse…

Cameo appearance by Alexa Bliss…

Rated PG – Please, Guys, just enjoy the show…


Smackdown Results:

Smackdown starts with Becky Lynch arriving in an SUV and she gets interviewed about her match with Asuka. She says that she will tell how she feels about it in the ring and tosses her keys at the interviewer as she starts to walk towards the entrance to the arena. She stops by Heavy Machinery and the New Day as they are mixing a protein shake and she takes a drink and tells them it is weak. She enters the ring to a huge pop and begins talking about how she made the Smackdown Women’s title relevant and the most talked about thing in wrestling. She talks about her match with Asuka and then calls out the people that are calling her “just hype”. She continues talking and then Asuka’s music hits and she makes her way down to the ring. Asuka talks about Becky being buzz and hype and then says she won’t be in Charlotte’s shadow but hers. The IIconics then make their way to the ring and begin to talk smack to Becky and Asuka. They talk about how they will win the Royal Rumble and the Women’s Tag Team titles and they will main event Wrestlemania and make it Iconic! Becky challenges one of the IIconics to a match as they go to commercial.

Becky Lynch def. Peyton Royce. After the match, Asuka gets in the ring and starts yelling in Japanese and challenges Billie Kay to a match. Asuka drags Kay to the ring and the match starts.

Asuka def. Billie Kay. Becky and Asuka have a stare down after the match and AJ Styles’ music hit and he makes his way to the ring.

AJ Styles walks around the ring and starts to make his way up the stairs of the arena as they go to commercial.

AJ Styles is at a concession stand as they come back for commercial and starts talking. The crowd around him are chanting for him and he talks about his match with the New Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble. He starts tossing his merchandise to the crowd and is attacked by the New Daniel Bryan. A brawl ensues and AJ plants Bryan through a table and is then separated by security.

The Usos are in the backstage area having their photos taken and someone delivers a gift to Jimmy Uso. Jey begins to read the note attached and it is from Mandy Rose and a key to hotel room is in the box.

Andrade, no longer known as Andrade “Cien Almas”, and Zelina Vega are interviewed in the backstage area and Andrade talks about his match with Rey Mysterio tonight. He talks about how Rey was his idol but that he is the future and that he will win the Rumble.

Samoa Joe vs Mustafa Ali doesn’t happen as Joe attacks Ali prior to the bell ringing. He throws Ali into the ring post on the outside and is separated by the referees. He walks back to Ali and continues his attack and throws him into another ring post on the outside. Joe then comes back to attack Ali some more and he teases a powebomb but throws Ali into the ring barricade instead and he finally makes his way to the back.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose are in the back and Sonya questions Mandy’s intentions by giving her hotel room key to Jimmy Uso. Mandy says that it is worth is and walks off.

Samoa Joe is interviewed in the backstage area about his attack on Ali and he says that wasn’t an attack but a statement! He says he is entering his first ever Royal Rumble and he will do that to everybody and put everybody to sleep.

Andrade def. Rey Mysterio

Jimmy Uso is outside of Mandy Rose’s hotel room contemplating whether or not to enter. He knocks and enters the room and Mandy is sitting there waiting for him. Jimmy talks about how they can’t do this but Mandy says they can. A photographer bursts out of the bathroom and takes photos of them and Mandy says she doesn’t want him. She says she is doing this to get in Naomi’s head and says Naomi will not be as attractive as her. Jimmy walks off and then Naomi walks into the room and the two begin to fight inside the hotel room. Mandy is able to get the better of Naomi and runs out the room. Jimmy comes back into the room to check on his wife.

The Miz makes his way down to the ring for the “Besties Birthday Bash” he has planned for Shane McMahon. Shane then makes his way down to the ring for the celebration. Miz starts talking about this celebration and that he has two different custom cakes for Shane. The Miz gives Shane his gift and it is a pair of Jordan 33s and Shane loves them. The Miz cues up a video package that highlights some of Shane’s moments from the WWE. Shane thanks the Miz for that video package and for the Miz opening up about his relationship with his father. Shane says that his dream as a kid was to be tag team champion and his first choice as partner was Andre The Giant. The Miz says that he and Shane will win the titles at the Royal Rumble and he leads the crowd in a “Happy Birthday” sing along. Before the can finish singing “Happy Birthday”, the Bar comes out and calls this embarrassing for not inviting them or Shane’s father. Sheamus says that Vince got the invite but didn’t want to come. Shane replies and talks about the Bar ganging up on the Miz last week and makes a match with the Miz vs Sheamus.

The Miz def. Sheamus. Sheamus attacks the Miz after the match and Shane McMahon comes in to help the Miz. The Miz then hits Sheamus with the Skull Crushing Finale and Shane hits a coast-to-coast onto a cake that Miz placed on Sheamus and the two celebrate to close Smackdown.