But You Lost

This has me salivating. You all know I’m a gargantuan fan of Lio Rush and we get Lince and him this week again. This will be a faster match than I can keep track of…and know I’ll love every second of it.

AND it opens the show!


Lio Rush vs. Lince Dorado

LOVED that he stopped in front of the “Victoria for HOF” sign and completely dismissed it. Way to heel it up, Lio. He can talk all night long and I’m glad this started with some of his stellar mic work. The Lucha House Party is positioned as faces…but they act like heels. I kinda like it, honestly. In this case, they actually acted like faces and left the ring area when challenged to do so by Lio.

Lio wanted to Lince to fight and Lince was up for it. The speed of this match, great though it was, took a backseat to the actual storytelling. Lince is absolutely fearless – we already know this and he kept showing us throughout this match. Great back and forth with no one getting a real edge here. Lio hit a fantastic Final Hour and Lio takes this one. He even decided to further feast on him after the match was over. Oh, the mic work that will come out from this and the feud will continue between Rush and the Lucha House Party.


Backstage segment – Noam Dar & Tony Nese

Noam’s accent is amazing and it forces me to pay attention. Tony Nese, on the other hand, makes me want to mute. Still, this wasn’t bad. Noam’s “but you lost” was just merciless. He said it over and over again. I loved it…clearly.


Backstage – TJP & Drake Maverick

TJP is not an actor and the beginning wasn’t great. Drake tried to hold it together but TJP’s poor acting undid this whole thing.


Interview Montage – Kalisto, Akira Tozawa (w/ Brian Kendrick), Hideo (w/ Ariya Daivari)

Kalisto did well there. It was a great idea to put Akira with Kendrick. As is the case with Hideo & Ariya, Kendrick is a great talker and Akira needed that. Loved watching Kendrick nearly crack up when Akira said “what he said”.


Buddy Murphy vs. Humberto Carrillo

Buddy’s good on the mic; he just didn’t get the response he should have. The crowd wasn’t as into him as they should have been. Humberto!!! Who knew? For those who don’t know, he did a couple of cool matches in NXT so this is perfect for him.

Loving the arrogance from Murphy. He does it really well. Carrillo showed some nice personality here too. This was a really fun match. I love Humberto’s dives on to his opponents. He reminds me a lot of ACH the way he keeps his arms behind him and moves through the air like a missile. Murphy has incredible strength and showed that off throughout this match.

This story ending was delicious.  We see this sometimes but not often…and we shouldn’t see it often either; it’s infrequency is what makes it work.  Nice storytelling.  It didn’t end the match and that wouldn’t have been a good move either.  Carrillo got absolutely vicious at the end.  He even made Murphy eat table a couple of times.  Amazing how close Carrillo got to pulling this off.  He came out of this looking incredibly good and so did Murphy.  Really nice to see a fresh face and even nicer to see a great match come from him.  The “good job, kid” as Murphy exited was just perfect.  Even the crowd appreciated it…and this was hour three of their night.


Wow.  Breathless.  ANOTHER great main event from “205 Live”.  Loved everything about it.  Great show throughout too.  People really should be paying attention to this show.  To not do so is to miss out…big time.  See you guys next week for another “Pickup”.