Sir Mitch And Queen KB React To Twitter’s Response To The Alexa Bliss Angle On Raw

In the midst of what was perhaps the best-booked episode of Raw in quite some time, WWE did an angle featuring Alexa Bliss that guaranteed to spark fierce debate:

Naturally, Twitter exploded with everyone sharing about whether this was sending the wrong message or not. Instead of sharing our reactions on social media, Queen KB and I have decided it would be more interesting to react to the Twitter reactions here instead, as the reaction to it has been so broad that it covers more ground than she and I could have covered in a normal tag team article.

Firstly, we have the Tweets expressing outrage:



Sir Mitch: This kind of thing really is akin to the Attitude Era! While nothing was explicitly shown, the nature of the angle was gratuitous and had little context. It’s also upsetting that this is how they chose to promote Alexa’s “Moment of Bliss” segment where she unveiled the Women’s Tag Team Title belts.

Queen KB: While this is only one segment, it’s the first time we’ve seen one of this type of segment in years, and it feels very Attitude Era in the worst of ways. Now the fabric Bliss was holding covers more than some of her ring gear, and a lot more than the ring gear of others, like Sasha Banks. That being said, it’s what was implied that is the issue. It’s a huge step back to the worst of the AE and the worst of what the Divas were. This is not the right direction for these female superstars as they are reaching hard for the equality they have more than proven they deserve.


Then we have Tweets pointing out that there is nothing wrong with admiring Alexa Bliss’s beauty, but maybe not in this context:


Sir Mitch: There is nothing wrong with admiring the human body, and Bliss shows more skin wearing her ring gear. But those who are arguing that this angle was objectifying are doing so based on how Bliss is portrayed here…and they may be right!

Queen KB: Bliss does have an amazing body, one she has worked very hard on. She’s been open about her eating disorder and how bodybuilding saved her life, but that doesn’t mean she should be shown in such a way on Raw. Raw, like SD, is a wrestling show, not soft-core, and the superstars, all of them, should be treated as the wrestlers they are. Honestly, if this was one of the Bellas, I wouldn’t have batted an eye, but Bliss is a wrestler and should be treated as such.


There were some Tweets that focused on the Commentary team’s mixed reaction to the segment:


Sir Mitch: While Grave’s and Cole’s reactions are hilarious, its Renee’s obvious look of disappointment I noticed first!

Queen KB: All three of them looked shocked by the segment. It feels very McMahon to make Cole say boobies, and Graves to follow. Cole has been around for a long time and knows what side his bread is buttered on, but he didn’t look happy at all. In fact, Cole was scrawny and had frosted tips the last time we saw things like this, and I’ll be shocked if he’s not thrilled to see such things return. Having Renee on announce helps if the WWE is going to be doing things like this. At least she will help keep the guys in check if the WWE continues to follow McMahon’s juvanile humor down this slippery slope again.


Then some fans made comparisons to Scarlett Bordeaux’s gimmick on Impact Wrestling:


Sir Mitch: While I certainly understand why some fans are calling hypocrisy here (and I’m under the belief that WWE did this angle for the sole purpose of going viral on YouTube the same way Scarlett’s lap dance video has) I have always seen Bordeaux’s gimmick as an illustration of what idiots men can become once an attractive woman shows them any attention. Seriously, if you watch her segments on Impact, she doesn’t really use her looks to get ahead at all nor does she use them to get attention. She uses them to make fools out of all the men on Impact’s roster…and it’s funny to watch.

Queen KB: Mitch hit the nail on the head about Bordeaux’s character, so I won’t repeat it, but I will remind people that this is Impact Wrestling we are talking about. While some amazing wrestlers have come out of there, and there are a few great wrestlers there now, they have never been known for great storylines. Further, while the Knockouts Division was leaps and bounds ahead of the WWE for a long time, they have never been above using sex to try to get more viewers. It’s comparing melons and brisket.


And finally, we have the gross Tweets that segments like this always enable (Note: These were the least crude ones we could find.)


Sir Mitch: This is where I lose all objectivity and side firmly with the people sending outrage Tweets. Call me a “white knight” or a “virtue signaler” if you must but in the long run, I think it sends the wrong message all things considered.

Queen KB: While I’ve been a huge fan of the likes of ODB and how she uses her sexuality in the ring, there’s a huge difference between her character and a segment like this one with Bliss. Again, Raw is a wrestling show, not soft-core, which is how too many of the tweeters who have taken this route seem to see it. As much as I talk about how I enjoyed the AE, there were parts that were horrible, and then the Divas Era that grew from it was even worse. These women are wrestlers and should be respected as such. If you’re watching Raw and SD for the T&A these days, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Yes, these are beautiful women with amazing bodies, but they are not in the WWE to show their curves, they are there to be serious wrestlers. Finally, the WWE is the place to be as a female wrestler, but segments and comments like these are a huge step back for the women, the men, the company as a whole, as well as the fans who truly want to see these women wrestle because they really are fantastic.


What are your thoughts on the Alexa Bliss “Walk In” angle?

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