Women’s Wrestling…and An Unheard-of Disagreement!

Backstage…at about 2am EST…an interesting and heretofore unheard of happening was afoot…


Baron Botch – Please no…(article seen elsewhere about LayCool coming back)

Duke Dre – Layla was a solid worker. McCool not so much.

Sir Mitch – Bloody hell…the IIconics are bad enough on TV right now.  Last thing we need are those two back!  Guess a lot of former names may want back in with the Women’s Tag belts introduced!

Baron Botch – We did them already. Time passed them by. There are enough women on the roster to make the tag division interesting without revisiting fossils.

Duke Dre – Are there any women’s tag teams around anywhere

Baron Botch – None that I know of, honestly, except LayCool.

Sir Mitch – Loads in Japan and Mexico.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they called up Sane and Shairi to the main roster for the Tag belts!

Baron Botch – I was thinking of teams that were once in the WWE that are out now. The fossilized tag teams, not new ones elsewhere.

Sir Mitch – I just had a horrible thought…Velvet Sky and Angilina Love “shudder”

Duke Dre – They’ll probably have to sign some as they go forward to sustain this or we’ll just get the same match ups over and over

Baron Botch – I feel dirty saying this but I…didn’t hate the Beautiful People.  I know…and I’m sorry.  You mean like the Bar vs. New Day vs. Usos vsZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sir Mitch – I think we will start seeing women pairing up on the roster soon enough to fill it out some.  Maybe Beth can come back for a year to Tag with Nattie.

Baron Botch – Naomi has said something on the Twitter machine about wanting a partner.  No fossils, darn it! We did Beth already.  😉

Sir Mitch – I just hope the first champs aren’t the Bella’s 🤢

Duke Dre – They’ll probably pair her with Carmella

Baron Botch – There are enough fantastic women out there. We don’t need the past.  I could dig Carmella and Naomi.

Sir Mitch – Maybe call up Bellair and pair her with Naomi?

Baron Botch – Mella can work and Naomi can too.

Duke Dre – You might as well except it because the Bellas winning those belts is happening at some point

Baron Botch – I LOVE Bianca. Bianca and Naomi would be FUN!

Duke Dre – Yeah that would be cool too

Sir Mitch – They may call up a good chunk of Women from NXT to help pad things out.  Personally, I’d like to see Tamina and Nia be the first Champs!

Duke Dre – Duke & Shafir will probably be brought in as a tag team too

Sir Mitch – Not sure they are ready, but I can see that!

Duke Dre – I’d be fine with Tamina/Nia too

Baron Botch – Speaking of the IIconics, they were truly awful this week. Like they found a new level of suck and bathed in it.

Sir Mitch – Might lead to the long teased 4HW vs 4HW match!

Baron Botch – The crowd was…silent. When has that happened before? LOL!  I want The Man in her own WrestleMania match.

Sir Mitch – I was thinking SummerSlam, Botch.  Ronda vs Becky NEEDS to be the Mania main event.  Anything else (especially a triple threat just so Vince can get Charlotte in there) would be a HUGE mistake.

Baron Botch – Becky and Ronda at Mania would be delicious!  Agreed. Don’t need The Man w/ the Man Redux.

Sir Mitch – They tried to add edge to Charlotte and it just comes off as a Becky knock off and gets her hated more.

Baron Botch – Charlotte BECAME Becky. Exact same thing…just without Becky’s devil-may-care thing. Becky can just toss things off and they work. Charlotte has to work at it. It’s not as natural.

Sir Mitch – The perfect scenario in my mind is for Charlotte to cost Becky the match with Asuka.  Becky takes out Carmella and takes her #30 spot in the Rumble.  Becky eliminates Charlotte last and wins.  Charlotte goes crazy heel and we eventually get a Mania rematch of Charlotte vs Asuka where Asuka goes over this time.  Pushing Charlotte even further off the deep end.  Seeing Charlotte lose her mind sounds fun to me!

Baron Botch – I kinda just want Charlotte and The Man to end. Charlotte’s character tweak doesn’t work for me and if she’s working with someone else, she can stop putting the Becky costume on.

Sir Mitch – That’s why Charlotte should go off the deep end.  She wore her Ric Flair suit, she wore her Becky suit…but she’s never been her.  She’s always tried to be someone else and people resent her success and don’t think she’s authentic.  Her finally losing it over all of that would be a great story IMO!

Duke Dre – She’s definitely authentic. She’s the best women wrestler on the roster easily. Her body of work is amazing

Baron Botch – Charlotte?

Duke Dre – Yup. What women on the roster has been better in the ring over the last 3-4 years?

Baron Botch – Becky and Sasha.

Duke Dre – Not even close


It was at this point that Dre and Botch realized that something very special and rare was happening…

They were actually disagreeing!…

There was a terrible disturbance in the oxygen supply, the rotation of the Earth began to unexpectedly accelerate, and all plant life withered and died in Spearfish, South Dakota.  On with the dialogue…


Baron Botch – Wow. We actually disagree. All of them are phenomenal.  I can’t pick one.  Bayley too is a beast.

Sir Mitch – But the perception is she isn’t authentic and her success is a result of nepotism and Vince’s preference for Blondes.  It’s part of the reason Becky got so hot so quick and how they couldn’t get people to cheer Charlotte and boo Becky.

Duke Dre – Charlotte’s had really good to great matches with a wide range of people. What’s Bayley done on the main roster that trumps Charlotte?

Baron Botch – The match between Bayley and Sasha in NXT is one of the best – male or female- that I’ve ever seen.

Duke Dre – Yeah that was 3 years ago.

Baron Botch – Bayley is not good on the main roster. I’m with you there.  She was great on the whole in NXT.  Becky and Sasha are great too.

Duke Dre – Even Becky’s next matches on the main roster have been against Charlotte. So have Asuka’s. Same with Ronda

Sir Mitch – Charlotte has had a CRAP load more opportunities than Bayley and Sasha on the main roster though.  Let’s be real here.

Baron Botch – Charlotte doesn’t easily outdistance any of them…in the ring.

Duke Dre – She does

Baron Botch – Asuka

Duke Dre – Bayley/Bliss was a train wreck

Baron Botch – Definitely Asuka is way up there too

Duke Dre – Charlotte got more out of Bliss then Sasha and Bayley did too

Baron Botch – I’m loving this disagreement with Dre. We NEVER disagree…LOL!

Duke Dre – Lol

Baron Botch – I’m with you on the Bliss match with Charlotte.

Duke Dre – For all the flak Charlotte gets for being Flair’s daughter and supposedly having everything handed to her she’s more then lived up to the massive pressure of being the offspring of a wrestling legend

Baron Botch – Charlotte is REALLY good – no argument from me there. I just don’t think she completely outshines other women – not Becky, not Sasha.  Becky NAILS when she’s out there.

Duke Dre – Her athleticism, her ring awareness and her ability to take bumps is crazy good.  Becky is far and away the better character then Charlotte but if we’re talking in ring stuff, I’m taking Charlotte

Baron Botch – She’s also had a love/hate thing with the outside dive from the top rope.  I’m Becky in both areas. Becky is right there with Charlotte for me.

Sir Mitch – I’m going to say something that may draw gasps…Charlotte is a tad overrated!  She’s had many great matches yes, but she’s also had stinkers. She’s been so predominantly featured over the last 3 years and is always first in line to work with the best people that people believe every match of hers is flawless…when many are average at best.

Baron Botch – Their match (Becky & Charlotte) was amazing!

Duke Dre – In NXT Sasha was the best out of the 4.  Stinkers against who?

Baron Botch – Sasha still is the best of the four; she just hasn’t gotten the opportunity.

Duke Dre – Cite some matches.  Sasha botches a lot. She hasn’t been better then Charlotte on the main roster

Sir Mitch – Nia botches more than Sasha!

Baron Botch – Bayley botches like crazy on the main roster. Sasha’s Paige botch was unpretty. Beyond that, she doesn’t much of it at all…and that wasn’t even really just her.

Duke Dre – Yeah Nia does. Charlotte doesn’t

Baron Botch – Nia botches like she breathes…LOL!

Sir Mitch – Apart from that dive Sasha should stop doing…she doesn’t Botch much.

Baron Botch – We’re picking at minutia from all of them. They’re all so good. Great time for women.


…and so it ended.  What do YOU think?  Let us know in the comments below!