AEW Wrestlers Won’t Have A Union

Last year, Cody Rhodes tweeted some thoughts on wrestlers needing to “band together” in order to effect real change in the industry. It was interpreted by many as being a pro-union sentiment. But apparently, that was not the case.

Cody Rhodes gave an interview recently with ESPN regarding the future of All Elite Wrestling and clarified those past comments:

“We want to make this a better world for wrestling fans by making it a better world for wrestlers. So the first step you have is you up that price point, and you take care of your wrestlers more. The more that happens, we can continue to go.

A union in pro wrestling — and that’s this thing that people say all of the time, and they don’t realize it — a union in pro wrestling would put pro wrestling out of business. But, with that said, we should be actively working towards some sort of body, and this is outside of what I’m talking about with AEW and as me in the executive role, but we should actively be working to have the happiest talent you can possibly have. Whether that starts as a talent feedback system, or a players’ league, or some sort of body where there’s a complete, transparent communication between those in the office and those in the locker room.

That’s massively important, especially when you are traveling the world. I think taking those steps, even if they are baby steps, is great.”

By the sound of it, Cody may be talking about something along the lines of Pro Wrestling Noah’s Wrestler’s Association. A group of five or six wrestlers complete with an elected “chairman” whose role is to act as a go-between for Pro Wrestling Noah’s locker room and the promotions management anytime wrestlers have concerns, disagreements or frustrations with management.

Sir Mitch Says: While I don’t agree entirely with the belief a pro wrestling union would destroy the industry, I agree that a body or group of wrestlers speaking on behalf of the whole locker room is something that all promotions can and should adopt!