Exodus To AEW/Fake Feminist Outrage

According to some very reliable sources of mine, the entire WWE roster has asked to be released from their contracts. The overall consciousness of the workers is that they all should be pushed at the exact same time and that everybody should go over and that no one should ever have to go under. Vince and HHH were said to be baffled because they’re not sure how that would be mathematically possible for everybody to win and nobody to lose.

It’s also being reported that once they get granted their release, they will all head over to AEW because it is indeed the land flowing with milk and honey.  Over there, everybody will be pushed at the same time and everybody will get equal pay, equal screen time.  It’s even being said that all merch sales will be divided up evenly too. AEW wrestlers will also greet fans individually as they enter the building so fans can share their ideas and booking ideas with the wrestlers themselves which would then be carried out on that very show. AEW wrestlers will also end conversations with the fans by saying “My Pleasure” in their Chick-Fil-A voice.

Before I go, there’s something else I want to touch on. All these wrestling sites are really gonna keep posting the pic of Sasha’s wardrobe malfunction on RAW last night like they’ve never seen a woman show some skin before on TV or in real life. What makes this so ridiculous is that most of these same sites last week dragged Vince and the WWE through the mud for showing Alexa Bliss in a towel or showing Mandy wearing lingerie (something they consented too) but now they proudly display pics of Sasha’s bare parts (which I’m sure Sasha didn’t want seen) just so they can get all the clicks from the same virgin fanboys who were probably acting like they marched for women’s rights last week.  Oh the irony of it all.  I guess the IWC doesn’t view it as wrong only if the women don’t consent to it, right?

This is just another example of why I don’t take 90% of the complaints from wrestling fans seriously. I can tell the difference between outrage and fake conjured up outrage from a mile away. Anyway, carry on.