Bruises From Ken!

There is so much going on this week. Great wrestling and heading into the Royal Rumble. Being a big four that means we also get an NXT TakeOver. Between the greatness of both Raw and SD, and starting down the Road To WrestleMania with my favorite PPV of the year, I’m going to jump right into SD and I have so much more to write for you, our WRC. Predicts for both shows will be posted in the next two days. Make sure you respond with your own thoughts and feelings about the shows, and join us for the Dignified Discussions for both big shows this weekend!


Asuka Gets Lynched

How many weeks in a row has Becky started and/or ended SD? Not at all complaining about this, just further shows that while Asuka is the Champ, Becky is the face of SD, and possibly becoming the face of the WWE. I was thrilled to see Asuka come out and get into Becky’s face. She needs to do these things as the SD Champ! Asuka needs to look stronger than she is as SD Champ, and she started to here until the actual fighting began.

Charlotte was great on mic, and looked even better. I’m in love with the top she was wearing, and if anyone can find it in women’s XL, I’ll forever be in your debt! Charlotte looked great out there, handled herself really well and added a lot without getting into the thick of it. Makes me think she will get involved in their Championship Match at Royal Rumble.

EDIT: I added the brief backstage moment into this segment and grading because it’s not enough to grade on its own.


Indecent Rose

I normally don’t review recap videos, but this was done in such a different way that I wanted to mention it here. I loved the narrator who was very similar to the male voice who has been known to do these videos for the male superstars. I thought it was short, well executed, and to the point, made that much better by a female narrator.


Mandy Won?

While Mandy is getting better in the ring, of course she needed to cheat to win this match. I’ll admit I was shocked when she won, but this was their first match in this feud, which I’m sure they will continue in the Royal Rumble Match this Sunday. If they want to make Mandy a viable superstar, then working with Naomi is a great way to go about it. I’m interested in seeing where they go with this feud, and it could be good for both of them in the long run. I know a lot of people are down on this feud for a variety of reasons, but if Mandy doesn’t get a shot at working with bigger name superstars, then she’s not going to get anywhere on the roster. This match wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t superior either, it was average and that’s why it gets an average grade.


Epic Mask

So many people said Rey was too small, too not a top guy to be Champion, and yet he more than proved it. He was so great during that time in the WWE. Actually, he was great from when he first debuted on TV in the USA (where I first saw him), straight through until his knees were too bad for him to really work the ring to the level he can now. I don’t expect Rey to do that well again, but it’s great that they gave him that time to talk up his great Royal Rumble Match win, and do so in that epic mask!


He Is The Bar!

Cesaro is one of my favorite superstars and has been for such a long time. I know he’s great with Sheamus, but I want to see Cesaro as Universal Champion. He’s more than deserving and would be a much better Champion than BL has ever been. Yes, I said EVER, and I believe that.

I love watching Cesaro’s power in the ring, especially tossing Miz around like he’s nothing. The work outside the ring was solid too, and what should be expected from Shane and Sheamus. They worked hard out there and were fun to watch. Shane won’t hold back in any way, which is scary, but still really impressive to watch. Going on the HBK theory of booking, it looks like Miz and Shane will be winning the Tag Team Championships on Sunday.


Ali Continues To Impress!

Ali was a cop? That’s something I didn’t know but telling us this adds so much to his character and his feud with Joe. Ali has been at the top of my favorites list since I first saw him. It was something in Ali’s eyes that made me like him, but it was his personality and ring work that made me believe in him.


You’re Fickle!

I love the mic work between Bryan and AJ. While watching their segments I’m always impressed, though you will read differently in my Royal Rumble Predicts. This segment between them was beautiful. I love that McMahon stood back and let them go back and forth a bit before getting annoyed and telling Bryan again to get in the ring. I loved Bryan really ripping on McMahon for setting him up, for letting AJ slam him through a table full of processed meat products. Bryan staying out of the ring made him look like a wimpy heel, but it works for this feud. I’m a bit shocked McMahon didn’t take a gratuitous bump when they were fighting in the ring, because that’s who McMahon is and what he does, no matter his age. I’m more looking forward to their match at Royal Rumble than I was before this segment, but read the Royal Rumble Predicts to get my full feelings on this feud as a whole.


You’re Not Fat!

R-Truth and Carmella are so great together! I never would have thought of putting them together, but they are so perfect! Then again, I never would have thought Carmella would be a viable wrestler on SD, but her mic and in-ring work have grown by leaps and bounds, especially compared to the faction she used to run with. I’m always in awe that she’s the one who has done the best of the three of them. She’s a very impressive young woman, no matter what Mitch says.


Ali Blinkie

I love Ali’s ring gear. All his blinkie lights as he comes to the ring are fantastic. The WWE obviously has high hopes for Ali to invest this time and interest in him. Some people thought I was a bit off my rocker for falling for Ali, when I first saw him, over most of the rest of the 205 Live roster, but I saw huge superstar potential in him, beyond 205 Live. I’m so glad that he’s one of the few who has been brought back to the main roster to show how certain little guys can fight with the big boys and make it look amazing. Due to one of my kids, we ended up with six cats. Two older boys, one brainless mother cat, and three cats she gave birth to during WMXXX. The smallest of these cats, Quinn, is a bit smaller than her twin (they used to be truly identical), weighing in at about five pounds, compared to her brother who is about twenty pounds. This smallest of the herd snuggles up all winter to stay warm as she is very thin. In fact, she’s in my lap right now, her head on my right wrist as I type this. The thing is that she’s the most outgoing, bouncy, and best hunter of the group by far. She’s our high flier, standing on the top of doors and the folding screen in the living room. Quinn might be tiny, but she is the toughest, pound-for-pound strongest, totally fearless, and the most dedicated hunter of the lot of them. That’s Ali, he’s small but incredibly tough, strong, and a dedicated hunter of heel superstars.

The work between Ali and Joe in this match only makes me want more. They killed it out there, and not only did Joe look good, but Ali did too. They made this match look realistic and viable, even though Joe is one of the larger and tougher superstars on the SD roster. ‘Joe’s gonna kill you!’ is something I’ve not just chanted, but believed in, and have for many years. He’s a tough and scary man, but with Ali I believed he was taken down and worked over by this little guy. This was a great match and would have been the match of the night if not for Rey and Andrade.



Setting up for Kofi to be spectacular again, as always. I know a number of people who really want to see Kofi win this Royal Rumble Match, and I completely understand why, but sadly I don’t see it happening. Kofi is great and sadly had his career derailed by Orton. While I admit Kofi isn’t always the safest in the ring, he’s been so much better since New Day. I’m excited to see what New Day does in the Royal Rumble Match, especially Kofi.


Um, WOW!

The way Adrade stepped backward to the top of the corner while holding Rey was something that actually had me marking out. I cussed aloud. Now, WR is a PG site, but I cuss like a sailor in my own home. When people cuss in front of Sam, then apologize (usually chivalrous men at medieval events), she always says, “I live with Ken, I’ve heard it all.” If you only knew how hard it was for me to not cuss here now and then, you’d be impressed, but I fully admit that Andrade’s move that got him the first pinfall in this match had me cussing aloud, and prolifically! I was that impressed. That one move gets five crowns from me!

West coast pop! It’s been a long time since we saw that move! How long has it been since we’ve heard an entire arena chanting for a 619? I don’t recall it happening since he returned, and possibly since he was coming down off his top run before leaving the WWE previously. The fans were all over this match, and the only thing truly missing was “This is awesome!” chants. I didn’t hear them, but they were more than deserved. I was going to give it a 4.5 as I’m not big on giving anything a perfect score, but after thinking about it I decided that this match deserves an A+.

This match was jaw-dropping and insane in the best of ways. I know they gave us a great match last week, but I didn’t think they had enough time to give us a 2-3 Falls Match, and I couldn’t see either going over clean. Creative not only booked this match within the time-frame, but they made it so neither had to completely lose to the other. I was a bit shocked that it was Joe who got involved, but I LOVED it. I have wanted to see Joe as an overly dominant heel since he first came to the main roster of the WWE, and this is it. Joe’s not a kid any longer and if he’s going to get the monster push in the WWE many of us have been wanting to see for so many years, they need to do it sooner than later. I’m all good with it being now, as it seems to be coming about.



I was not expecting Orton here, but I have to admit that I loved that Joe was taken out the way he was after all the destruction he did during this episode of SD. Honestly, I wish it was almost anyone but Orton, someone who doesn’t need to and shouldn’t win this or any further Royal Rumble Matches, but I’m sure he will add a lot to the actual match. If Orton was to continue to work with younger superstars and actually put them over, the way Cena has over the past couple years, he might actually earn some respect from me and most of the WRC, though I doubt he will earn it from IWC no matter what he does. It’s time for Orton to put his shovel away and start elevating the younger superstars who deserve to be going over the likes of Orton, yet he keeps working daft feuds and coming out on top, even though he doesn’t need it. I don’t know how or why this keeps happening, but I’m so over it and him.


Final Flush

Each week both Raw and SD have been getting better and better. SD has always had the better wrestling matches, but lately SD is THE mainstream wrestling show to watch for the wrestling, the mic work, the storylines, and because the little ginger face of the WWE has been ruling the roost each and every week. So much greatness this week on the go-home shows, to the point that I’m giddy for the Royal Rumble! Make sure you check out our predicts for the Royal Rumble and NXT TakeOver: Phoenix, as well as joining us in the Dignified Discussions for both shows!

Queen KB