NJPW President Harold Meij On Possible Partnership With AEW

NJPW President Harold Meij has an interview recently with Yahoo! Japan and one of the topics he spoke about was if NJPW would have a partnership with the newly started All Elite Wrestling. Meij made the following comments, translated by Twitter user @kakutolog:

“AEW is a new organization to start from now, and I do not know what kind of relationship we would [have]. I think that it is necessary to figure out what policy they would develop on pro-wrestling.”

It was reported that NJPW officials would have a meeting with the members of AEW after Wrestle Kingdom to discuss their positions going forward. It was believed that NJPW would not work with AEW and continue their relationship with Ring of Honor.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: Well this is certainly interesting to say the least. The temptation to partner with a new upstart company must be there for NJPW but they have partnered with ROH for years so they may just choose to stay with them. This will be an interesting 20119.