Monday Night Raw (1/28/19)

Raw Results

Rollins to the ring.  He talks up WM and living the WM dream.  Triple H out and talks Rollins up.  They talk about who Rollins is going to face.  Just as Rollins was about to name his WM, Ambrose’s music hits.  He talks about how the WWE didn’t want him when they were riding around Florida in beat-up cars for $500, but now he’s all friends with Trip.  Trip says something, Ambrose got into his face telling him it’s not concerning Trip.  It got close.  Ambrose wants to fight Rollins tonight.  Trip starts to leave, so Ambrose goes through the ropes with him, asking if he has to ask his father-in-law.  Trip back into the ring and calls for a ref, right now.

Rollins defeats Ambrose

Ambrose sitting in the ring getting heat, claiming that they need to be nice because he’s baring his soul.  He’s cut off by Nia and Tamina coming to the ring as scheduled.  Nia attacks Ambrose from behind, knocking him from the ring.  Refs escort him up the ramp.

Nia & Tamina defeat Alexa & Mickie to advance to the Elimination Chamber.

Corbin defeats Angle

Balor to the ring and talks up BL, but then Lashley and Lio come out.  Lio all over Balor for his size and almost beating BL, but that he cannot beat Lashley.  Balor states that he lasted longer with BL than Lashley did in the RR, what was it, 12 seconds?  Lashley beats down Balor.  Lio removes his Lashley shirt, lays it over Balor on the mat and they leave.

Revival defeats Major Brothers (Hawkins & Ryder)

Bryan and Rowan are backstage and asked about if Bryan can beat Rollins without Rowan’s help?  Bryan won’t wait until WM as Bryan will end all of Rollins’s hopes tonight.

Elias to the ring, he plays a bit, about to sing and Double J cuts him off.  Road Dogg comes out and backs Jeff.  Jeff is all slap nuts, Dogg has two words for us.  They sing Double J’s song to the ring, but Elias takes out Road Dogg outside the ring, then back on Jeff in the ring, but Jeff comes back with his traditional moves and grabs the guitar.  Elias back with a blow takes the guitar and takes out Jeff with it.

Backstage Dana says she knows Nattie wanted to tag with Ember, but she’s better than Ember.  She’s better than Nattie.

Mojo backstage talking himself down in a mirror.  He blamed himself for all sorts of things.

Liv & Sara defeat Nattie & Dana after Sara pushes Dana into Nattie with the sharpshooter on Liv.  Riott Squad celebrates as Nattie walks away from Dana trying to explain.

Ronda out to the ring on mic, catching serious heat.  Bayley out to face her.

Ronda defeats Bayley  Becky to the ring, talks Ronda down, then chooses Ronda for WM.  Ronda gets a mic and rips back on Becky.

Strowman defeats McIntyre via DQ when Corbin attacks.  Braun ends up taking them both out, briefly, then they double chokeslam Braun on the bottom half of the stairs.

Rollins announced to the ring, but BL’s music hits.  He comes to the ring and Heyman urges Rollins to pick Bryan for WM.  Rollins out attacks BL and then gets beaten down, taking a number of F5s.