AEW Tees at Royal Rumble and other WWE events


I really like Cody/Brandi a lot but fans are already driving this AEW stuff into the ground for me.

So apparently yesterday, there was another incident at a WWE event that involved a fan sitting Ringside being asked to remove his AEW shirt. Of course, there was a video and, of course, every dirtsheet ran with the story in order to paint AEW as the little guy/martyr being oppressed by the corporate giant (WWE). A lot of people are buying into that narrative but I’m not.

My question is why do you need to wear an AEW shirt to a WWE show at the front row?? You’re clearly doing it for advertisement/promotion with the intention of presenting yourself as a “rebel”. I mean let’s be real here. You’re not doing it just because you’re a fan, you’re doing it so people will notice you in the crowd and to make the show about you. Everyone will post the incident all over Facebook, all over Twitter, and all over Instagram. Just take a look at the video. The guy conveniently had another shirt on underneath the AEW shirt (which was a regular shirt and not just a plain White-T) so he knew what was gonna happen. Second, the person next to him was recording as well.  Third, towards the end of the video, you can clearly see the guy smirking right after he removed his shirt.

Wanna to sit front row? Take the shirt off. Wear a shirt of the company you PAID MONEY to see or someone affiliated with them. You could also just wear plain clothes like everyone else. If those ideas seem too unreasonable, I have yet one more idea.  It’s a little out there but work with me.

Wait until May when the AEW kicks off and wear the AEW shirt there.

Yes? No? Maybe?

Let’s be real here – this isn’t something that only WWE does either. There was an incident one time in the photo op area where Dawson and a WWE Rep refused to hold up a AEW shirt when a guy asked him to. Heck, I have heard stories of The Walking Dead cast members refusing photos of people who wear shirts that supports spoiler sites. Clearly these fans have never taken a marketing or advertising class before. Even companies like Coke and Pepsi refuse to have their products sold in the same restaurants as each other, employees of Coke aren’t even allowed to consume Pepsi products on the clock and vise versa. I could go on and on giving various examples but we’d be here a while.

Now, guy sitting in section 257 behind hard camera in between a ton of people? Whatever, do what you want. It’s about the intimacy of the lower sections. There are already enough people who are there all the time and have their own fanbase at this point because they are “________ guy at the WWE show”

It’s a business move. I mean, its petty for sure, but it’s still a logical business move. If I ran a company, I probably wouldn’t want any competitor getting advertising on my video feed either – especially at one of the company’s biggest events. It’s common sense. It’s not a big deal. I can’t wait to be crapped on for having a rational thought on this subject.