Two More Stars Leave NJPW and Head for Greener Pastures

Chuckie T and Trent Barreta are AEW bound apparently.

Both actually agreed to lucrative new contracts with NJPW verbally but backed out last minute. NJPW management is said to understandably not be pleased. NJPW would rather work with Ring of Honor in the US (as they have become dependent on NJPW stars and thus NJPW can call the shots) but if AEW get Kenny Omega and other western stars in the future when contracts come up, they’ll be forced into working with AEW just so they don’t lose their control of the Japanese market while they are trying to expand.


Botch Take:  This information was revealed to us by Mitch a few hours ago but since he’s in Australia, he had to go to bed and left it for us.  As for this story itself, there will be many more like this while AEW takes shape.  Wrestling is a cutthroat business and one does what they have to do to maximize earning potential and exposure.  NJPW shouldn’t be surprised.  I know I’m not.