205 Live - The Pickup

I Still Owe the Guy

Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching one with your weekly “Pickup” – our look at “205 Live”.  This one promises Cedric Alexander & Hideo Itami in the main event.  This will be amazing!  Note that I’m […]

Dignified Discussion

Smackdown Live (1/7/19)

Smackdown Live Results: Smackdown kicks off with the New Daniel Bryan at a concession stand inside the arena. He begins to talk down about concessions and that he people in the arena are unhealthy and […]


Keep That Same Energy

Let’s see if all those fans who have been booing Nia Jax mercilessly out of the building the last couple of months for accidentally hurting Becky Lynch or booing the Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose match out […]


Naomi/Mandy: The Rebuttal

Recently, my colleagues and I here at Wrestle Royalty had a very interesting debate about the Naomi/Mandy Rose angle being presented on Smackdown. One of my colleagues expressed how the Mandy/Naomi revolving around Naomi’s husband […]