R-Truth Wins At Life

I stated in the Dignified Discussions that I had a friend visiting this week and that she’s not watched pro wrestling since early in the Attitude Era. She brought so many ideas and questions to me as we watched and brought back some of what made me love wrestling from early on. It’s been a blast to have Natalie here and I’m hoping to get her here for WrestleMania weekend.


Besties No More

Becky might deserve it, but Finley handed her Lana’s spot in the Royal Rumble Match. I love how Becky calls her Ronnie and the only one who does so. Becky has really carved out her niche in the WWE and it’s stupendous to see where she is now.

Charlotte, on the other hand, is great at this crazy, entitled, unhinged heel. I cannot wait to see where she goes with this. It feels really right for her, and I love that she’s dressing the part, right down to the dark makeup. I know I said previously that as a blonde she cannot carry dark eye makeup along with a dark lip, but playing this type of heel, the makeup actually works. It also helped that she was pulling a Steph, coming out in a leather jacket to further pushing the heel side of things.


Nappin’ Troof!

I love that R-Truth won this, but Nakamura did kick out. I wanted R-Truth to have some gold before he retires. The man is 47 years old debuted in wrestling in 1997, in the WWE at 1999, he cannot go on forever!

I will admit I was shocked when R-Truth won, then when Rusev and Lana came out, then when R-Truth put his newly won strap on the line with Rusev. The most shocking was R-Truth retaining over Rusev! Lastly, and least shocking is Corey Graves being the annoying King-wannabe. I’m getting to the point that I’m almost completely over him. King was annoying, but heel Cole was worse. Graves is taking this to a whole new level. He’s such a bitter man who is annoying on Raw and SD, but what is even worse is that he cannot hold his own without McMahon in his ear.


So Much For THAT Match!

I normally love Vega, but that outfit wasn’t good on her. It made her look like she couldn’t walk in heels, and was very bow-legged. It was strange. I loved the top on her, but the bottoms killed it. Andrade, on the other hand, looked amazing in that suit! So few wear three-piece suits, and fewer make them look that good. All that being said, I’m loving this feud between him and Rey. It’s a solid feud with great segments and even better matches.


I’m Proud Of You!

I love Miz’s father. He’s so adorable. It was a bit much that he told Miz that he was proud of him as a storyline, but as an adult with a very stoic father, I get it. I have heard very rarely how proud he is of me, and WR is one of the things I’ve done that he’s been very openly excited about. I get it that this was storyline, but Miz looked about to burst into tears when his father told him that he’s proud of Miz. You take it where you can get it, especially from stoic parents, so Miz was obviously touched. I get it, and because of that, I make sure to tell my own kids how proud I am of them whenever I can, and when they most need it.


All Those Brows

Sonya was fantastic in this segment. I love how strong she is, how she doesn’t back down and looks amazing doing it. Then there’s Mandy. I love that they brought in that Tough Enough footage. They did a great job of it, though Mandy’s acting after the video was a bit too unbelievable. She was close but stepped over that line of unbelievable.

I know I go overboard on the makeup some Monday evenings for the Royal Inquisition, but if I ever have Instagram brows and that much bronzer on my face, call me out on it, because that’s not a good look for any woman.


Almost Otis, Almost

Otis is hysterical! I was trying to explain his character to Natalie, about how he’s kind of crazy, but also silly and funny and she asked if he was like Rick Steiner. I said that Otis is a bit more childlike silly, but that’s the closest I’ve heard. It’s a lot of fun having someone who was an old school fan and falling in love with wrestling all over again.

I somehow missed that this was an elimination match and was thrilled with Heavy Machinery got the pinfall, until it was announced that New Day had been eliminated. It didn’t stop me from continuing to root for Heavy Machinery. I truly hope that they end up on SD as I think they would be a great addition to an almost stagnant Tag Division. Miz and Shane helped, but Heavy Machinery would really do some great things for SD. Then again, so would Sanity, yet we’ve seen almost nothing of them since they were called up. I’m hoping that Nikki Cross actually ends up on SD and brings Sanity back up to where they belong.


Angry Vegan Hippie

Bryan has really taken his character to a whole new level. Just when I think he’s done all he can, he flips the script and blows us away. He’s a far cry from what I thought I saw in him in ROH. To be honest, I need to go find American Dragon (no, I didn’t name my service dog Dragon after Bryan, but I might have had the breeder’s grandson hadn’t already been calling him Dragon, as I’ve had pet rats named after numerous wrestlers through the years), because I only remember him looking like an accountant and killing it in the ring. I don’t recall any real character from him, but my memory isn’t what it used to be.

We’d been talking in the Dignified Discussion about Bryan needing a hemp belt, but I never thought of wood! I love the wooden front of the belt, and I think they did a lovely job of it. I have some friends who are woodworks and I’m going to see if I can get someone to make me a front plate and personalized side plates for me. It’s a piece of ‘merch’ that I need to add to my collection.

I love that Rowan is running with Bryan. I’ve loved Rowan from when I first saw him, and that only grew when he had his uber-smart character. I want to see him succeed, and with Bryan, he has more of a chance. Further, I loved that Trip got involved and set up the Elimination Chamber match, but did so from the tron. A lot of people get upset when the McMahons and Trip are too involved these days, so I thought Trip’s short segment on the tron was a nice appearance, but not too much.


Final Flush

I really enjoyed this episode of SD, and it was lovely icing on the top of a wonderful wrestling week. Every single show that the WWE aired since Saturday has been stellar with only a few stinky matches mixed in. Fingers crossed that things will only get better on the Road To WrestleMania.

Queen KB