WWE Worlds Collide Tournament Draws Low Numbers

WWE wanted to try something new to try and get more eyes on NXT UK and 205 Live, so they held a big Worlds Collide Tournament featuring stars from both brands as well as NXT. It was a fun idea at the time and a very exciting concept. But sadly, the numbers for the show were not great.

When the show kicked off at noon Eastern U.S. time, only 14,000 fans tuned into YouTube, 1,400 on Facebook, and under 600 on Twitter. This amounts to not even 16,000 people combined tuning in to watch the tournament live.

As of press time, the total viewer count in the hours since the live stream is just over 780,000.

Sir Mitch Says: Ouch! Impact Wrestling gets more people tuning in to Twitch every Friday night.

Speaking personally, I was really looking forward to this tournament…but I had NO IDEA that the show was airing yesterday. Which is just the latest example of how little promotion WWE’s “C-shows” like 205 Live and NXT UK get! Which is a shame since they feature some of the best performers on the planet.