Rusev’s Frustrations Within The WWE

In a recent interview, Rusev pointedly explained what he’s done to get noticed and how it feels when nothing he does gets him the push to the next level.


“I do want to look my best. I do want to be at my best. I want to be WWE Champion. I want to be on top. I don’t want to be forgotten, but that’s what irks me. I do all these things and nothing changes and that’s where the frustration comes, ‘What am I supposed to do?’ I cut my hair, I did that. That wasn’t a good decision [laughter]. I got a few phone calls about it. No, [they did not like it]. I’m just trying something to catch Vince’s eye. We go to pitch, to talk. It never comes to anything….

It was last year before WrestleMania when the whole Rusev Day thing started. I thought it was my time and I keep pushing for it to be my time. I keep talking to everybody, but nobody wants to do anything. It’s very frustrating, but still, as frustrating as it is, ‘Let’s go to the gym. Let’s get better. Let’s do whatever we can. Let’s get this meal plan or let’s get a trainer. Let’s try freaking cross fit.’ Holy crap cross fit! It’s terrible, but I’m doing that now. Anything so that I can look better. I don’t know what’s holding me back, to be honest. I really don’t”


QD – I feel horrible for Rusev.  As children, we are told that if you work hard enough you will succeed.  As adults, we are continually told that if we work as hard as we can we will get that promotion, will succeed in our jobs, get what we dream for.  The problem is that the world doesn’t work that way.   The world doesn’t work the way we have been told all our lives.  It’s truly a crap shoot, and while working hard helps, it doesn’t mean guaranteed success.  Personally I think that the WWE Creative Dept is at fault for Rusev not getting to that next level.  He has the following, has worked hard to get over, and the fans both love him and love to hate him.  With the right storyline/feud he’d be unstoppable, but each time he’s getting over someone pulls the plug on him.  It’s really hard to watch as this happens to him and certain other superstars.