Return Of A Forgotten Tag Team Rule

This past episode of Raw showed the return of a long forgotten Tag Division rule.  In the main event Braun Strowman hit Baron Corbin when Strowman wasn’t the legal man, so the ref called for DQ.  That seems to indicate that a rule we’ve not seen in well over a decade might be back on the books.  It used to be that the legal man can be saved just once during any match, if, after that, it happens again the ref will call for DQ.  Corey Graves stated that this rule is now in effect.


QD – It has been a long time since we have seen this rule in effect and used in any regularity.  With the WWE focusing more on the tag division it makes sense that they might tighten down on the rules.  Either that or they used it just for storyline and it will only happen when it works for that match, but I hope not.  As stated above, Graves mentioned the rule, so I’m guessing that it’s something they will be using from here on out until they decide not to.  Along with the removal of the automatic rematch clause, this tag division rule appears to be some of those changes the McMahons mentioned on Raw not that long ago.  Here’s to hoping Vince McMahon doesn’t suddenly decide that the Tag Division isn’t worth it and forget they exist, again!