“Double Or Nothing” Press Conference

Conrad Thompson & Alex Marvez hosts

Sonny Kiss comes to the stage throwing merch and says he will be at “Double or Nothing”.  Did not see that coming.  Brandi is the one who brought him in.


Next up is Cody Rhodes

He announces partnership with AAA.  He talks tickets.  They go on pre-sale.  They’re there now.


Sammy Guevarra – AAA Cruiserweight Champion

He boasts…a lot.  He got hung up a bit at the end but he held it together.


Hangman Adam Page

He referenced “full gear”.  Go watch the newest “Being the Elite”.  It’s really funny.  It’ll make sense then.  Before Page can get too far, Pac cuts him off via satellite.  He’ll face off with Page at Double or Nothing.


Conrad & Alexa are back.  They introduce The Young Bucks

He complains a bit about how you can’t even see tag team wrestling on TV anymore (??).  This was all to introduce…


Best Friends – Chuck Taylor and Trent Barretta

They want to change the world through the power of friendship.  They hype up the crowd a bit and they’re gone.


Back to Young Bucks

They tell us they’ll see us on May 25th and they’re gone too…until the Lucha Bros, show up.  They attack the Young Bucks and leave them laying on the stage.  They then cut a promo about how great they are.

We’ll also get this match at Double or Nothing.


The pre-sale site has crashed so you have all weekend to sign up for the pre-sale.


Conrad and Alex are back

They introduce the Chief Brandi Officer


Brandi Rhodes is out and she asks them all to wish her brother, Jason, a Happy Birthday.  There are two Japanese women wrestlers who will be at “Double or Nothing:  Yuka Sakazaki and Aja Kong.  She then introduces Kylie Rae.

She’s grateful to be there and AEW has signed her.  Brandi then introduces Nyla Rose.  They have a short conflict that came out of nowhere and then it ended.


Excalibur comes out and he introduces SoCAL Uncensored (Scorpio Sky, Frankie Kazarian, & Christopher Daniels).  They announced that the official afterparty of Double or Nothing will be called “SCU All Night” and it’ll be hosted by them.

Excalibur announced collaboration with OWE (Oriental Wrestling Entertainment) previously.  Three reps from the company are there.  One of them is Cima.  Daniels then challenges the OWE contingent to a match which they kindly accept.


Conrad and Alex are back.  They introduce Kenny Omega.  He apologizes for making everyone wait so long for his decision but as of this morning, he’s joined AEW.  While he’s talking, out comes Chris Jericho.  He faces off with Omega and it gets a little ugly but they are quickly separated.  This will be a match at Double or Nothing.