I Won’t Be Looking Past You, I’ll Be Looking Through You

Whitney Houston – we now have a problem…

Buddy Murphy has held the title for a while at this point.  He’s faced nearly everyone.  As such, the believability of someone being a viable contender to beat him is greatly compromised.  Maybe we’ll get one here…but I kinda doubt it.

Speaking of compromised…


Mike Kanellis (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. The Brian Kendrick

Talk about a waste.  Really.  Mike isn’t terrible in any way but he’s absolutely nowhere near as good as Maria is.  Maria is really good slime.  She did not do well with Aiden though.  He is nailing on commentary!  He’s already so together and it’s great.  I think Aiden has found his new thing.  That’s how good he is already.  gave no quarter but she’s good slime if placed in the right position.  Aiden is, sadly, a far better talker than even Maria herself and it really showed here.  He owned her.  Nigel is a riot too.  He quoted Celine Dion with gusto and I was on the floor.

The match was decent too.  I have to give it to Kanellis on the Sliced Bread counter into a suplex on the floor.  That looked sickening.  The back and forth was good with both of them doing what they can to make a match of this.  The story of Kendrick egging Kanellis on with kicks to the head were a bit confusing.  Kanellis’ losing streak continues and it must be leading to something but I’m not sure what it is…and I love that I don’t know.  I’m not one of those who needs to know.


Backstage segment – Ariya Daivari

Great job here.  We already know that Hideo is gone so his burial here made total sense.  Ariya is taking matter into his own hands now.  Let’s see where this goes.


Backstage segment – Lio Rush

He nails.  Every time.  This wasn’t long but it didn’t need to be.  It was perfection.


Backstage segment – Akira Tozawa

Kendrick is golden when he talks and he’s a great help to Akira in that regard.  Akira is a fool and I love it.  The grin kills me.


Backstage segment – Humberto Carrillo

This was kept short and that’s good.  Short and deliberate.  As it should be.


Backstage segment – Cedric Alexander

As happens every once in a while, this was better.  He was more deliberate without coming off insincere.  I’ll take it.


Backstage segment – Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher, Noam Dar, & Drake Maverick

Drew is a riot.  Jack is too.  The suspension of disbelief required to believe that Maverick had his back against the wall and was forced to un-suspend Nese so he could have a match with Dar is a bit too far but okay.  If Maverick didn’t want the match to happen, it wouldn’t have.  Dar’s threat to “do it elsewhere” could have easily been met with “and if you do, I’ll suspend you too”.  Whatever.  Still, a good segment.


Lio Rush vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. Cedric Alexander

The speed of this match was blinding.  It was nearly impossible to keep up with it at first and I love it.  As quick as they all were, it really speaks to Lio that he was just that much faster than everyone else.  He’s only 5’6″ and he moves like a missile in there.  I have to say that I absolutely love the chemistry between Carrillo and him.  They had some really fun sequences in there.  I want a one-on-one between them like…now.  Carrillo has come from absolutely nowhere and become on my favorites with ease.  Lio was the first eliminated thanks to Cedric’s Lumbar Check.  Didn’t expect that but the truth is that Lio’s main focus isn’t “205” right now; it’s “Raw” with Lashley so I’m not too shocked.

The sequences following Lio’s elimination were impossible to keep up with.  So many moves in so little time.  Just…wow.  It was rather odd that the commentators kept talking about Cedric’s bad leg…yet Cedric was on the ropes with the other two like nothing was wrong.  He didn’t sell it.  He forgot about it and commentary quit talking about it.  Anyway, Carrillo was second to go via Tozawa’s finisher.  I’m not surprised and really, it had to be.  I don’t want to see him hot-shotted to0 crazily.

The passion that is almost completely missing from Cedric on the mic is always there in the ring.  That’s clearly where he’s most comfortable.  The problem is that this is WWE.  You have to be great at both.  When Akira and Cedric were left alone, they left it all out there in the ring.  The match became classic.  The sequence that got Tozawa to the inverted rana…I just….I can’t.  Tozawa took this and it makes total sense.  That will be a fun match.  ‘Course, it would have been fun with any of these guys.