“Double or Nothing” Looks to Completely Sell Out Immediately

As Mitch mentioned in his Quick Hit on Facebook, we are absolutely looking at a total sell-out for this event and, just like “All In”, it won’t take long.  During the press conference stream last night, they released pre-sale information and people immediately jumped on it – actually flooding to the site and shutting it down within minutes of the info being made available.  By the end of the evening, approximately 12,000 requests for tickets were received by AEW’s website.  Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer reports the following:

“The big news coming out of this which should not be understated, there were 12,000 requests for the presale code. Now the building is going to be set up for 14,000 and so there are 12,000 presale requests, 14,000 in the building one would think that’s gonna sell out fairly quickly.”

“Well, when you think about presale codes, how many of the people are going to shows by themselves? If you assume that most people are going to go with a friend and many people requested blocks of four. I mean the presale requests, the demand for the show is ridiculous. So it’s probably going to sell out immediately and that’ll be the end of that.”

Whatever happens, this is, yet again, the hottest ticket in wrestling and should set AEW up nicely to begin its journey.


Botch Take:  This comes as ZERO surprise.  I was watching the press conference and covered it for the site.  Even though I was sitting at home, the energy there was just insane and when that pre-sale info went out, the venue and the chat log on YouTube went completely insane.