Fenix Injured at AAW Show (UPDATED…AGAIN)

Social media is showing us some rather bad news and we wanted to share it with you as well.  Apparently, Fenix was wrestling a match for AAW in Texas and was not only injured but had to be stretchered out as well.  Apparently, he hit a Springboard Cutter and landed badly, thus ending the match early.  Thankfully, he was moving his arms and legs as can be seen from the video below:

UPDATE:  Danny Daniels, promoter of AAW, posted the following update on Fenix’s condition:


UPDATE #2:  AAW has tweeted out that he’s going home and all is well.  Whew!


Botch Take:  Thanks goodness he’s okay.  He wasn’t injured too terribly long ago as it was so I’m glad this didn’t turn out to be a big deal.  Shout out to Stephen Dicky at WOW for alerting us to this update, btw.  Thanks, Stephen!