Halftime Heat Versus Halftime Heat

It’s been almost a week since the Super Bowl, and I have been thinking hard about the Halftime Heat matches.  When it was first announced that they would be revisiting what was a great idea but horribly executed twenty years ago, I was a bit worried, but knowing that it was NXT superstars and led by Triple H, I thought it would have a chance to succeed and possibly blow us away.

I’ve spent the better part of the past week trying to watch the original Halftime Heat match and have only been able to watch a quarter of it.  Between the chair shots to Foley’s head, Vince McMahon alone on announce, and there being no one else watching live made that Halftime Heat a debacle that I’d hoped the WWE would never revisit again.  It was a travesty when it’s happened and has only grown larger and more horrific in my mind, or so I thought before trying to rewatch the match again.

Being that the newest Halftime Heat was NXT, led by Trip, and containing some of the best wrestlers to work the WWE, I thought it might have a chance.  My biggest worry was that the arena would be empty, but being NXT the stands were filled and the fans were thrilled to watch.  When I got to the Super Bowl party I went to I asked for the WiFi password so watching the match wouldn’t eat my data.  They all know I’m a wrestling junkie and didn’t think anything of me watching a match instead of Maroon 5.  Not only was the match stellar, but it’s the most watched NXT match in the history of the brand.  Those six men killed it out there and entertained me so much more than a shirtless Adam Levine.

I went into this Halftime Heat with much trepidation but enjoyed every moment of it.  Triple H has created something truly special with NXT and this match was just one more step in the evolution of the brand.  I never thought I’d be excited to watch another Halftime Heat match, but now I’m truly hoping that it becomes a yearly event.