Nia Jax Vs Dean Ambrose? (UPDATE)

Since Nia Jax appeared in both Royal Rumble matches at the Royal Rumble PPV fans have been asking if we will see the return of intergender wrestling to the WWE.  It looks as though the WWE will be trying it out at a live event on February 22 in Arkansas.



UPDATE:  Apparently, the ad we were all seeing is outdated and the match won’t be taking place after all.  We’ll have to wait a while longer for WWE to break new ground, it seems.  WWE sent word to telling them as much.  FYI.

QD – I’m in shock.  I spoke about this on the episode of Royal Inquisition on the WR Facebook page the day after the Royal Rumble.  I and most of us here at WR thought there would be no way the WWE would bring back actual intergender wrestling.  There is worry of backlash against the WWE for domestic abuse and men abusing women if they bring back this type of match, but that being said, it wasn’t that long ago we saw Becky Lynch in the ring with James Ellsworth.  The thing is that Lynch and Ellsworth are of a size, as are Jax and Ambrose.  The big worry most people have is seeing the likes of Zelina Vega or Alexa Bliss, two of the smallest women in the WWE, would end up in the ring with guys like Otis or Akam.  Gone are the days of the Dudley Boyz putting petit women through tables, but if handled correctly, I’m not averse to intergender wrestling in the WWE.