Women Of Wrestling – The Halfway There Awards

Women Of Wrestling, the brainchild of “G.L.O.W.” creator David McLane and the newest addition to the AXS.TV Friday Night Fights lineup, with New Japan Pro Wrestling and LFA, has hit the ground running and is now at the halfway point of their initial 8 episode run. WOW has a great mix of talent, from their homegrown talent, currently being trained by WOW Original Selina Majors, and performers that have come from the independent scene like Tessa Blanchard and Willow Nightingale (Eye Candy), the promotion has put together an entertaining, engaging, and FUN (David McLane’s favorite word) show. We at WrestleRoyalty do love some fun, so in the spirit of that, we are going to hand out some mid-season awards for WOW and appreciate the performers doing their best to make WOW a success.


The ‘Fundamentals’ Award – “The Governor’s Daughter” Abilene Maverick

Abilene Maverick
photo: WOW LLC

Good fundamentals are necessary to good wrestling, and when someone has a heightened understanding of that, it can make for a standout performance. Abilene Maverick seems to “get it”, hailing from College Station, Texas (sidebar, all things considered I’d cheer for the Aggies over the Longhorns any day), Maverick is “a woman of means and privilege” and a solid performer. While not a pure “fan favorite” or “villain” type, Maverick has an understanding of what works for her, and how to stymie her opponents. Her movements are deliberate, she knows how to manipulate the crowd when needed, and the referee when needed. She has an ongoing rivalry with Khloe Hurtz and maybe a burgeoning conflict with Stephy Slays.


The ‘This Could Be Good Or Go Horribly Wrong’ Award – Jessie Jones

Jessie Jones
photo: WOW LLC

Trained by WOW Original Selina Majors, Jessie Jones brings a technical and hard-hitting style to the ring in WOW, and she also has some interesting things to say to her opponents and the WOW audience. She’s talked about walls, referred to an opponent as “Speedy Gonzalez”, and wants to “Make Wrasslin’ Great Again”. One doesn’t need a PhD in Political Science to get the implications here, but in wrestling, line stepping to get a reaction is the way of the world. Jones, rhetoric aside, is a good, borderline great wrestler. Her style is very reminiscent of wrestlers like Arn Anderson, Mr. Perfect, and Rick Rude. I’m interested where this story goes, and also…….will there be hats?


The ‘Breakout Star’ Award – Eye Candy

Eye Candy
photo: WOW LLC

The energetic and fun loving NYC girl, Eye Candy has taken the WOW ring and fans by sugar coated candy storm. Her debut match in WOW has been one of the best of this first season, and Eye Candy also had a solid match against the Beverly Hills Babe (aka Amber O’Neal) in a losing effort. Charisma, talent, and skill in a colorful package, she has a bright future in the ring. Some know her as Willow Nightingale, current NYWC Starlet champion and one half of the tag team, The Bird and The Bee, with independent star Solo Darling. Her movement is swift, her energy unmatched, and one of the best moonsaults I’ve ever seen.


The “No Baby, What Is You Doing?” Award – The Beverly Hills Babe aka Amber O’Neal

The Beverly Hills Babe (Amber O’Neal)
Photo: WOW LLC

Amber O’Neal came into Women Of Wrestling already an established veteran. A former tag team champion and NWA World Womens Champion, she aligned herself with Santana Garrett and claimed the WOW Tag Team Titles. Amber O’Neal is good at her job, and then something changed. The Fabulous Lana Star got in her ear, and O’Neal turned on her partner, aligned with WOW Original and “executive producer” Lana Star and became the Bevery Hills Babe….and I don’t get it. I’m not sure if there is going to be another twist in this storyline, but O’Neal is too good to be the sidekick of Lana Star, especially when O’Neal has notched a win over the current WOW Champion Santana Garrett.


The ‘Yeah, I’m Awesome’ Award -Tessa Blanchard ‘The Born Legend’

Tessa Blanchard
photo: WOW LLC

Let’s not fool ourselves here, Tessa Blanchard is LEGIT. Started training at 18, and now at 23 is easily the best women’s wrestler in the United States, PERIOD. People talk about wrestling being “in the genes” for some performers. For Blanchard, not only is it in the genes, but in the upbringing. She is the aughter of WWE Hall Of Famer and original Four Horsemen Tully Blanchard, step daughter of Magnum T.A. – 2 time NWA United States Champion, oh and granddaughter of Joe Blanchard who founded Southwest Championship Wrestling.  Joe founded SCW during the heyday of the territory system and served as president of the AWA for a time. Whew, that is a pedigree and a lot of pressure to live up to and Blanchard has done it exceedingly well. She is the wrestling equivalent of a 5-tool player –  she can do it all and do it to near perfection. She’s been a champion in almost every promotion she’s worked in, and has headed to WOW to claim the title from Santana Garrett, and it’s when she claims it, not if. Also, that Hammerlock DDT finisher is smooth like butter.


WOW has put together a great show so far and is a welcome addition to the AXS.TV Friday Night Fights lineup

You can find AXS.TV and WOW on Philo, Sling, and other streaming providers

WOW airs Friday nights at 9pm EST on AXS.TV