WWE Studios Partnering With Netflix?

It is being reported that WWE Studios are beginning to develop new feature films in conjunction with Netflix, with plans to release them via the streaming service.

The WWE Studios-Netflix projects will be directed towards family audiences, with the first film, The Main Event, currently preparing to film this summer.

The Main Event tells the story of a ten-year-old boy who is bullied but dreams of growing up to become a WWE superstar.  However, he gets to live his dream earlier when he discovers the secret to having super-strength in his breakfast cereal, becoming “The Spaghetti Kid.”  We are told that John Cena is referenced in the film and has a cameo role late in the current version of the script.  The current version of the screenplay also features small roles for Sheamus, The Miz and Bray Wyatt, with a number of references to WWE NXT as well.

The Main Event is at the start of their casting and crew staffing process.  There is no word yet where the film will shoot.

While we are currently unable to confirm if any of this is true, the details that are coming out regarding this story are so specific that we’d wager that WWE will probably make an announcement regarding this sooner rather than later.

Sir Mitch Says: While this is obviously a major deal for WWE, it seems like a bit of a head-scratcher. Netflix isn’t exactly known for its family-friendly shows (although they do produce some content aimed at families and younger audiences) and quite frankly, the synopsis for “The Main Event” makes it sound like a low budget Nickelodeon or Disney Channel original movie.