Lowly-attended House Show in Dekalb

WWE ran a house show in DeKalb, Illinois night and the attendance at the show left a lot to be desired.  To be fair, it was awfully cold last night in DeKalb so that likely had an effect on the attendance.  Here’s what it looked like just before it started.  I asked Gary Sifuentes, the gentleman who shot this photo, how close this was to the start of the show and he responded “pretty close”.  Have a look:


Botch Take:  I’m not quite sure what to make of this, honestly.  My first thought was that the photo was taken quite a bit before the show but, according to Gary, that not the case.  There is also the matter of the temperature but in order for that to explain all of this, quite a few people would be throwing their money away on tickets that they didn’t use.  That’s not a likely scenario either.  Bad night?  That’s possible too.  Either way,  WWE couldn’t have been happy with this one.