Impact Wrestling’s Pursuit Channel Ratings Are In

When Impact Wrestling began its new TV deal on the Pursuit Channel, no one thought the ratings would be spectacular.  While the channel is available to roughly 45 million people in the U.S., not all cable systems carry the channel.  Ratings were going to fall precipitously…and they have.  The debut episode of Impact Wrestling on the Pursuit Channel drew in a paltry 12,250 viewers.

Of course, the show is also viewable on Twitch at the same time.  According to Sir Mitch, he remembered the number of viewers to be 350,000 – obviously far better.  We will have more information on Twitch numbers later on.  It’s harder to obtain those numbers as the shows don’t remain on their channel once they’ve ended per their agreement with the Pursuit Channel.  Either way, Twitch may very well be the way forward for them.  Pursuit Channel, quite clearly, is not.

It also does bear mentioning that the Pursuit Channel is partly owned by Anthem Entertainment – the owner of Impact Wrestling.


Botch Take:  Ouch!  I’m glad Twitch is doing okay for them but they won’t last long on Pursuit with numbers that bad.  I do have to hand it to Impact though.  They absolutely refuse to die.