The Undertaker To Appear At Starrcast II

This spring is becoming more and more interesting in the wrestling world.  The Undertaker has been announced for Starrcast II in Las Vegas on May 25th.  He is not scheduled to be on Double Or Nothing, but Starrcast II is happening in the same city on the same weekend as AEW’s premier show.  There isn’t any connection between the two at all, and that Taker will be appearing at Starrcast II, specifically, and that this appearance has nothing do with Double Or Nothing.

Conrad Thompson, the man who ran the first Starrcast in conjunction with All In stated that he’d never do another convention like this, but here he is running another one, the same weekend as Double Or Nothing.  “I know people might assume this is an AEW event, but that is not true,” said Conrad Thompson. “We have wrestlers appearing from every promotion from all over the world, and Starrcast isn’t just for All Elite Wrestling fans, it’s for all wrestling fans.”

Thompson added, “The Undertaker is synonymous with wrestling and generations of wrestling fans have grown up with The Undertaker. We wanted to bring something unique to Las Vegas, and there isn’t anyone more special in this business than The Undertaker.”

It must also be noted that Taker is not scheduled to be at WrestleMania this year and has been taking bookings outside the WWE recently.


Sir Mitch: While Starrcast is not officially a part of AEW, it does have a close association. Taker WON’T be in AEW but his appearance for Starrcast will ruffle some feathers in WWE. 

QD – I have to admit that I’m shocked Taker is booking outside the WWE.  The Undertaker is synonymous with the WWE, especially as he never even came close to switching sides during the Monday Night War.  That he’s going to be appearing at this convention in the same city on the same weekend as Double Or Nothing makes me wonder if there might be more to the story, but only time will tell.  I will say that the spring is usually the best time of the year for wrestling fans, and that’s because of WrestleMania and all that leads up to it and the weeks following.  Other wrestling companies have jumped on the bandwagon with bigger shows in the spring.  Many of these events are the same week as WM, but it’s been expanding over the past couple years.  AEW is jumping onto the bandwagon and I’m thrilled!