Mud Hens Rule!

I apologize for this being so late this week.  Because of that, I’m going to jump right in, but not before mentioning that Botch and I both wrote one segment because we felt very different on it.  Please, let us know in the comments if you liked this differing of viewpoints and think we should do it more.


Video Killed The Radio Star

It felt strange that they started SD this way, but they really needed to with how they went to Charlotte in the ring. I hope that they continue with this storyline, leave us questioning things all the way up to WrestleMania. It will piss off a lot of fans, but it’s also a great way to keep us on our toes. Yes, it’s very McMahon/SCSA, and I’m all good with that. When it’s been over ten years and they re-approach a storyline that was such a success, and it’s handled well, I’m all good with them reusing a storyline.

Shut Up!


Charlotte has found her heel and knows how to use it! Dressed in all black, black pleather pants are close enough to leather, killer makeup without going overboard, and her hair down. One thing many people don’t consciously realize is that braids are thought of as youthful and naive. Little girls wear their hair in braids. Charlotte dropping her braids, at least while on mic, is another one of those subliminal things the WWE appears to be doing.


Well, the stage was set for Charlotte to absolutely kill this. She came out on “Raw” on Monday night to crush the dreams of every WWE fan and succeeded in spades. She’d even been winning Twitter all day long. I never knew she had that in her. She tore everyone to shreds and we’d been enjoying it all day long. All she had to do was come out and deliver. Just tell that story convincingly and she’d have been golden.

It started fairly well…for about 3 seconds. Then, she started stammering – clearly trying to remember all of her lines. She got it together again for a bit but it didn’t last. She kept stammering her way through it and allowing the crowd to stumble her. She tried trolling them but she’s so bad at it, it fell flat. She never quite got on and her attempts at being snide fell completely flat. The end of it was just weird. She did the “I’m dedicating this to my best friend” thing and that should have been the end of it…but she kept going. There was no reason to but she did. Overall, this was far weaker than it should have been – especially the way she was set up to slam dunk this.


Toned Down Discussion!

IIconics were really endearing here! I cannot believe I said that, but I think a big part of it was that Billie Kay said almost nothing here. I’m actually starting to like Peyton.

Mandy was well spoken, but I love me some Sonya! I love her, her attitude, her power, and dang is she beautiful!

Fabulous Glow is an unexpected team, but I really like it!

Bayley is so sweet but still blah.

I was annoyed that Nia talked over Tamina! That was so not cool!

I love that Sarah isn’t wearing foundation or any other makeup. She had on the face paint, and a swipe of it was over her right eye looking like shadow, but it really wasn’t. Her face was blotchy and she looked beautiful.


Fabulous Glow Have Arrived!

IIconics did a great job of avoiding this match, then working over the winners. I just wish Billie Kay wasn’t so horrible. I know everyone (mostly) hates the IIconics (X-Pac-esque hate), but they were brilliant here and we didn’t have to listen to them on mic, something that should never happen, ever! Then there’s Mandy and Sonya who should break up sooner than later. I’ve tried to give Mandy the benefit of the doubt, but I’m over her, and hoping the rumor of her facing Asuka at WrestleMania is just that, a rumor. Sonya, on the other hand, has grown by leaps and bounds. I see huge things for her, but only as a singles competitor. Last but not least, I really like Carmella and Naomi together. No matter what some people say, Carmella has grown as a wrestler and performer. She’s not just a blonde with an amazing body, she’s moved on, is great with R-Truth and great with Naomi. I’m very excited for them and hope they get a chance at the Tag Team Championship sooner than later. Maybe WrestleMania? I’d love to see them face the Samoan Slaughterhouse (my pick for winning the straps at Elimination Chamber).


The Heart & Passion

Ali’s video ripped at my heart. He’s so passionate! He was real here, and it was beautiful! The more I see of him the more I love him. I cannot wait for him to come back and take SD by storm, go after Nakamura for the US Championship, then after Bryan for the WWE Championship. As I said before, Ali could be the greatest cruiserweight since Rey Mysterio.


McMiz TV!

I love Miz and Shane together, they are so cute! Their timing and comedy is fantastic, and I cannot wait for them to implode and feud. We all know that that this team won’t last long, and most likely they will be facing off at WrestleMania, but until then I’m going to enjoy every moment of their bromance.


Meat Tube

As per usual, Bryan was solid here on mic. The problem is that as soon as New Day came out, I was captivated by that strange meat tube Big E brought to ringside. I was more distracted by the meat tube than anything else in this segment.


Orton Needs To Be Slapped!

The title of this segment has little to do with Orton winning this by the RKO outta nowhere, and everything to do with the burying of Kofi Kingston at MSG all those years ago. I will admit that Kofi wasn’t always the safest of superstars in the ring back in the day, but he’s grown by leaps and bounds. Kofi has quietly become the workhorse of the WWE. He is what Kane was for so many years and really deserves the push to the top that Orton callously took away from him because Orton had pull backstage he truly didn’t deserve. Kofi took this match and made it his own, the way Rollins did when Raw did a similar gauntlet match. Fans have been cheering for Kofi in a huge way since we started heading into the Royal Rumble, and it’s only grown since then.

This match was epic and most of it because of Kofi Kingston. He deserves a push to the top, and I am hoping that he continues to show that in the Elimination Chamber to the point that someone backstage (McMahon) pulls his head out and schedule Kofi to face Bryan for the big one at WrestleMania.


Final Flush

I want to get this out fast, so I’m not going on any tangents here. See you Sunday night for the Elimination Chamber Dignified Discussion, and don’t forget to check out the WR Predicts and leave your own thoughts on the matches in the comments section.