Former NXT Star Signs With NJPW

New Japan Pro Wrestling star, trainer and producer Rocky Romero has announced on Twitter that Mikey Nicholls (F.K.A. Nick Miller in NXT) has joined his stable (CHAOS) and will be competing in the New Japan Cup tournament:

Nicholls left NXT (and his tag team partner of many years Shane Thorne/Haste) late last year to return home to Australia as he and his wife welcomed their first child and didn’t want to be away from his family for the amount of time a WWE schedule would demand. It was said he left on good terms and the door was open for him to return in the future.

Sir Mitch Says: Nicholls is no stranger to wrestling in Japan as he and Shane Thorne/Haste worked in Pro Wrestling Noah for several years under the name TMDK (The Mighty Don’t Kneel) so I’m sure he will do well there along with fellow Aussie and Bullet Club member Robbie Eagles.

On a personal note, my Aussie heart is swimming with pride due to all the amazing talents from my homeland making it big in New Japan and NXT. I’d love to see an Aussie stable made up of Buddy Murphy, Shane Thorne/Haste, and either Toni Storm or Rhea Ripley in WWE even if Vince might ruin them by way of endless Australian stereotypes.