Rosemary Re-Signs With Impact Wrestling

It was just announced that Rosemary has re-signed with Impact Wrestling.  As of this writing, we do not know how long her contract is, or what it entails.  Some Impact Wrestling contracts are open enough for their wrestlers to work with other promotions, some are not.  Only time will tell if her’s has any leeway.


QD – This burns my biscuits!  I adore Rosemary and I believe she has a huge upside, but Impact Wrestling doesn’t give her enough exposure.  I think she’d do great in the WWE.  With Trip running NXT she would get the exposure, and the WWE has been branching out and picking up more creative female superstars.  We all know Nikki Cross would never have been hired during the Diva Era, but they’re letting her be crazy and not all made up with fake boobs, the way it used to be.  Fingers crossed that Rosemary’s contract is open enough that she can work with other promotions as well as Impact Wrestling.