Act Like You’ve Been Somewhere

Hello ticket buying wrestling fan,

Take a seat.  We need to have a talk.

Your behavior lately has been, shall we say, a bit unacceptable….OK a LOT unacceptable and needs to be addressed.

So in the past 12-18 months, we’ve had a rash of fans at wrestling shows doing some really dumb things. Most recently someone thought it would be a smart or fun thing to take a poke at Eddie Kingston:

Now, taking a swing at any wrestler at any show is unacceptable, but for someone to try Eddie Kingston…..well, that’s just plain dumb. Now look, I get some out there get in the “well I bought a ticket, I can do what I want dur dur dur”. Well guess what….you actually can’t. Buying a ticket does not invalidate the agency of another person because you’ve had one too many cheap beers, or pre-gamed in the parking lot before heading into the venue.

Sometimes it’s not a physical altercation, most times dumb fan behavior takes the form of verbal abuse. We all love a good heckle, that’s part of the fun…but when it becomes homophobic, creepy, or just downright vulgar, you’ve crossed a very distinct line, and a lot of promotions are not indulging the juvenile behavior anymore and are removing and banning these individuals from their shows. A good example being something I witnessed at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 4 this summer. An individual the next section over from me was being verbally abusive and was given two gentle warning from the Barclays security staff, which he decided to ignore…the third time, the very nice security person returned with 6 other security personnel and escorted him from his seat, and I presume the arena.

So buy a ticket, enjoy the show, try and come up with some inventive jokes, buy a t-shirt, maybe even a headshot (that’s an 8 x 10 of a wrestler), but do not, under any circumstances yell homophobic or sexist slurs or put your hands on a performer. If you do, a number of things will happen and none of them will be fun.