Madison Rayne Leaves ROH – EDIT: Has Been Hired

It has been confirmed that Madison Rayne has left Ring of Honor.  She signed with them September 2018 after working the Mae Young Classic for the WWE.  Rayne was unhappy with the creative direction for her within ROH.  ROH was understanding and the break was amicable on both sides.  This means Rayne is free to work any promotion.

EDIT: It’s been announced on Twitter that Madison Rayne is returning to Impact Wrestling.


QD – I’m excited about this.  I didn’t like Rayne early on, but she grew on me and has really impressed me over the past seven years or so.  I was hoping that she would go further in the Mae Young Classic, and be picked up by the WWE.  Rayne might not be as young as most of the girls in NXT, but she has a great look, her ring work is really solid, and she can handle the mic.  I think she’ll be a great addition to any promotion that picks her up, I just hope she’s able to stay on TV and visible.

QD EDIT – I was hoping that Rayne would be picked up soon and stay on TV, but not like this!  Rayne is so much better than Impact Wrestling.  I know she cut her teeth, grew up, and became amazing within TNA/Impact Wrestling, but this seems like a huge step back for her.  So many Impact Wrestling wrestlers have gone on to do great things outside the company, and I know she could too.  I hope she’s happy there, but it breaks my heart.  The only good thing I can see coming out of this is maybe a feud between Rayne and Rosemary, which would be the only good reason I could see for even watching Impact Wrestling these days.