I’ve Got Friends In Lowbrow Places

After some of the segments on Raw, specifically between Becky, Charlotte, Steph, and Ronda. I knew that had to be leading to more on SD, along with so many other great moments. Solid go-home to a PPV that doesn’t need to happen at this point in the grand scheme of things.


I’m Lowbrow And Proud Of It!

Bryan is so great on mic, put KO against him and things can only get better. Bryan calling KO lowbrow, stating that Kofi is only a supporting player, both about had me on the floor laughing. I was waiting for Bryan to call Kofi a B+ player because that’s basically what he was saying. Gotta love Bryan flipping the script, laughing about pancakes, and acting like the bad guy he fought against when he was the underdog. The whole segment was brilliant and a great way to start this go-home SD.


Twin Power!

Promos like this, with the Usos going back and forth, finishing each other’s sentences, being the comedic twins they are, are them at their best. I’ve complained about them not talking and I’ve complained about them talking when they’re wishy-washy, but this segment, this one right here showed what works for them and what they need to do more of to get over. They are twins and I think that’s why these segments work so well for them. They need to stick with this type of promo as it’s right for them, and so entertaining!

With the Usos so entertaining, Miz and Shane didn’t push their mic work as hard. They were decent, but it really felt like they were letting the Usos shine in this segment.


Twin Cheating

Miz and Jey had a solid little match there. Nothing exciting in the ring, but it continued to tell their story and got Shane and Jimmy involved outside the ring. Shane got to fly off the stairs, so he got his fix. Jimmy tried to help his brother win through cheating, pushing their tweener status.


What’s With That Wink?

Charlotte has been killing it on mic as this newest incarnation of heel. She’s not screaming, not screeching, and she’s been selling it in a huge way. Loving THIS Charlotte, but that wink added in the end is odd. I get the ego part of it, and it will grow on me, but it’s such a strange wink.


Truth’s World

His childhood idol is six years younger than him! I love R-Truth, and he’s even better with Carmella. I don’t want to sound sexist, but I think R-Truth’s falling all over Lacey was hysterical considering the amazing body standing in the ring with him. Carmella looks amazing!


Joe’s Gonna Kill You!

This was a lot of fun to watch. Each with their own strengths and got to play to them. Flying and working the mat. Rey looked to land badly outside the ring, but I’m not sure whose fault that was. I loved seeing Vega get into the middle of this. I’ve been hoping for her to get involved more, and she looked great there. Not sure how I feel about Joe winning the US Championship. I really loved R-Truth with the strap, and while Joe really needed a championship run of some sort, not the expense of R-Truth. Be interesting to see where they go from here.


Joe’s World

I love Samoa Joe! He’s so strong and so great in the ring. Coming to the WWE as late in his career as he did has limited things for him. I’d worried he’d never hold WWE gold with his injury track record recently, but they gave it to him and I hope he stays healthy with it. I’d love to have a truly Samoa Joe character run with the strap because he’s so great in all he does.


NXT Bar!

Cesaro landing on his feet the way he did looked like he was trying to be Ricochet, and I loved his smile, but he’s all about power and just isn’t light on his feet the way Ricochet is. I honestly don’t know how he does it, but he flies so gracefully. Honestly, I’d been wondering recently why we haven’t seen anyone who moves like RVD since RVD. There have been other high fliers, but few as creative as RVD. Now, I’m not saying Ricochet moves like RVD, because Ricochet is so much more graceful than RVD ever was, but he has something that makes me think of RVD when RVD was stoned enough to be loose and graceful, but not so stoned he was sloppy. When RVD wasn’t stoned at all he was really stiff. Ricochet is built very differently and moves differently, but he’s the first in a long time that has that vibe that RVD had, that vibe that you knew you were going to see something special every time he went to that ring. Ricochet has that. Black has it too, but not in an RVD way. If anything he’s more Taker than most anyone else, and it’s not only his entrance that gives me that vibe. I see Black having a long career in the WWE, and evolving with the fans. He’s really interesting and talented.

I loved the other teams heading out and getting into the mix. Not sure on the plan, but I’m excited to see where they go with this.


Glowing Job

I was not thrilled to see Mandy in the ring with Naomi, but to squash Naomi with one move after very little back and forth. I also guess that’s the move Mandy botched this past weekend on Asuka. Obviously Asuka is fine as she tossed both Sonya and Mandy around on the stage, but what about Naomi and how she had to job to the likes of Mandy Rose! If Mandy was main event solid in the ring, I wouldn’t be complaining, but she’s not. Mandy has grown by leaps and bounds in the ring, but she’s not as good as her partner Sonya, and she’s absolutely not ready to be facing Asuka at a PPV for the SD Championship!



Styles is so much better on mic than he ever was in TNA, but Orton will always be robotic. I don’t care what he has for a contract for how much money he’s getting, it’s too much. I know he doesn’t have a Brock Lesnar contract, but I know McMahon did all he could to tie Orton down for a decade and there was serious money involved. Orton isn’t worth it. Could you imagine what the scene would look like if Styles had gone to the WWE and Orton to TNA? Pipe dreams!


He’s Back!

It was nice to see Rowan back in the ring. I’ve always enjoyed him, and in the ring, with KO he looked really good. I worry about injury as Rowan’s struggled with that, but he’s looking good and will hopefully stay healthy.

Then there’s KO who never seems to miss a beat. No ring rust on KO! Of course Rowan with Bryan on the outside had the upper hand, so it was great to see Mustafa Ali return to help him out. Of course Ali brings a whole other level of questions without answers moving toward WrestleMania. I love it and am that much more excited to see what wrench he will throw into everything.

I also have to mention KO’s stunner! Not only was it great to see, and KO looked great hitting the move, but Bryan sold it in a great way. We’ve seen some of the worst bumps from stunners in McMahon, and the best in Rocky – other than he always sold it the exact same way. Bryan took the stunner well and sold it perfectly.



Charlotte struggled with being a heel in the past with too much screaming and screeching, but this time around she has it down perfectly. While I’ve always disliked Ric Flair, I’m really loving hating on Charlotte. This is proof that Charlotte really is as well-rounded as you’d expect her to be. She has been killing it on the mic and did so here as well. Further, she did a great job with her little off-mic quips while Becky was on mic. She was such a heel and so wonderfully obnoxious.

Becky was so great here. Her mic work was solid and she sold every little bit of it all. She is at the top of her game and right where she’s supposed to be. I thought it was funny that her knee didn’t seem to bother her when she had Charlotte down on the mat. I also thought it was funny when the refs were trying to pull her off Charlotte. They didn’t seem to know where to grab Becky. One was pulling on her arms, another carefully grabbing her right thigh. I get trying to stay PC, but that was just hysterical to me.


Final Flush

This was a solid go-home to Fastlane. From start to end everyone put it all out there and gave us a great show. Bryan and KO killed it to get us pumped for the show. R-Truth and Carmella were fun as ever and while I’m bummed R-Truth isn’t holding gold any longer, Joe is finally holding gold! Not thrilled Mandy going over Naomi so easily, but I don’t control creative. The return of Ali was solid and brought in so many questions with him. Then Charlotte and Becky rounded off the show beautifully. I would have liked to see Ronda in the final segment of the show, really think they dropped the ball with that one. I’m not thrilled with Fastlane, but this isn’t the time or place for that kvetch. That being said, I’ll be predicting with the rest of the WR writers, and we’ll see you in the Dignified Discussion. Hope to see you there.

Queen KB