WOW Press Conference – Season 2 Pickup, WOW Training Center

WOW and AXS.TV’s partnership seems to be doing very well. At a live streamed press conference, it was announced by Jeannie Buss (owner), David McLane (founder of GLOW and WOW) and Andrew Simon (AXS.TV Fights CEO) that WOW will have a 24 episode second season.

  • WOW will re-introduce the WOW Tag Team Titles in Season 2
  • WOW is still establishing their women’s training center, headed by Selina Majors and WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard
  • David McLane maintains there will be ONE Champion, and that is currently Tessa Blanchard
  • Tessa Blanchard in discussing the training center, saying she was trained by men and that worked for her but she wants a platform for any women who want to become professional wrestlers
  • The 24 episode second season will air in two separate 12 episode chunks, presumably in its present time slot at 9pm EST, after New Japan

WOW is a fun and engaging production. They have their own “homegrown” talent but have also bought in a number of independent wrestlers like Ray Lyn (Chantilly Chella), Willow Nightingale (Eye Candy), and Jessicka Havok who seem to fit very well into the WOW roster. Having the support of Jeannie Buss, the tireless promotion of David McLane partnering with AXS.TV, WOW is in prime position to establish itself as a big player in the battle for wrestling television real estate.

One of the things we will be keeping an eye on is the WOW training center. Both David McLane and Tessa Blanchard spoke about it with a sincere passion and want to make sure that any women who want to make their dream come true in a wrestling ring have the opportunity to do so.

WOW Women Of Wrestling airs Friday nights at 9pm EST – season finale airs THIS Friday, March 9 and will return Fall 2019