Fox Demanding Changes to Smackdown Live! Ahead of Its Debut

Apparently, executives at Fox are none to thrilled with the ratings WWE has been pulling lately for Smackdown Live!  As a result, they are asking that changes be made the programming.  As we know, WWE’s move to a kinder and gentler WWE was done in the name of ad revenue but times have changed and Fox feels moving to edgier content will prove more successful than the product we’ve been used to getting.  It’ll be interesting to see if Smackdown Live! continues morphing into something else as time goes on.  We’ve already had the Mandy/Naomi storylines that triggered many (including some of our writers here) so maybe they’ll move a bit more that way.  The #WomensRevolution has done quite well for itself so they can’t afford to drop that wholesale either.  We’ll see what happens as we move closer to Smackdown Live’s move to Fox in October of this year.


Botch Take:  Oh, this should be interesting.  We were talking a bit about this backstage and Mat felt that Vince wouldn’t want the appearance of giving up control.  I contend that Vince only cares about cash.  If Fox is paying, he’ll do as he’s told.  He needs this Fox move to work so he can’t afford to go renegade on them.  For my part, I have NO desire to see a return to the Attitude Era.  Nevermind the more risqué elements of it – my issue was that it wasn’t anywhere near as good as people remember.  Storyline elements were dumbed down in the name of simply being as sensational as possible and it bored me to the extent that I actually didn’t bother with much of it.  That’s precisely where the hole in my wrestling knowledge is.  I literally tuned out.  If we end up with variations on that theme, that won’t bother me too much.  I’ll watch what I want to watch and avoid what I’d rather pass on.  Simple enough for me.