Monday Night Raw (3/11/19)

The Ism…by Dre #11

I would really love to see two mimes arguing.

Please enjoy “Monday Night Raw”


Raw Results

Shield to the ring through the stands for their final address as a faction.  Reigns says Ambrose has stuff to do, and while he might not know what that is, get will get it done.  Reigns goes onto Rollins and the fans chant, “Slay the beast!”  Reigns gets a “Burn it down” chant going.  Hugs and love in the ring before hands in and their music.  Reigns and Ambrose leave the ring and Rollins starts talking but is cut off by Heyman.  Much back and forth between the men until Rollins is attacked from behind by none other than Shelton Benjamin!  (Just a reminder, Benjamin and Lesnar went to college together.  Benjamin helped train Lesnar in college, and they were roommates!)

Rollins defeats Benjamin

Lashley defeats Balor and new IC Champion with the help of Lio Rush who appeared in a hoody banging on the ring bell.  Rush distracts Balor enough that Lashley is able to get the three.  Looks like Lashley and Rush are back together.

Ronda to the ring trashing the fans, calling names.  She caused the DQ so she can show us all what carnies Charlotte, Becky, and the WWE are.  Dana Brooke to the ring with an impassioned speech about not being on TV, but it’s the night after a PPV and Ronda issues open challenges.  Dana accepted, then got beaten down by Ronda.  One of the refs took a solid slap from Ronda when he was trying to back her away from Dana.

Black & Ricochet defeat Gable & Roode

Moment of Bliss where Alexa announces the WM host – Alexa Bliss!

Backstage Braun is being interviewed.  A small young man in a suit comes up and tells Braun his car is there.  Braun asks what car?

Braun is in the parking lot with a convertible and a note apologizing, sorta, from Colin.  Braun rips the door off, throws it.  Braun says they got him a car he can’t even fit in!  Pulls out a seat, throws it.  Punches the windshield as it’s got dirt on it.  Removes the hood, tosses it.  Braun hands the bumper to the guy holding the note and says to deliver this back to Colin and tell him,  “It’s going to be live from New York and they’re going to et these hands!”

Elias being his cranky self.  No Way Jose out with his line.  Elias destroys Jose with his new haircut.

Harlem Heat going into the WWE HOF this year.

Nattie vs Nia ends in DQ when Beth Phoenix couldn’t take it any longer and attacked Nia in the ring.  Beth takes out Nia and Tamina who leave up the ramp looking pissed.  Nattie and Beth in the ring and the camera goes backstage where Bayley and Sasha are in a fist fight with Nia and Tamina.  The segment ends with Finlay backed into a corner holding Sasha with both arms around her waist as she’s still flailing like crazy.

Batista gets there.  Trip to the ring.  Batista on stage with all his security.  Much screaming, mostly Batista screaming, “Give me what I want!” over and over until finally Trip gives him WM.  Batista wants to end his career on his own terms.  One last match to end Trip’s career on Batista’s terms.  Trip comes back with a true Trip promo on the match at WM as the match is his, No Holds Barred.  Batista throws down the mic and leaves.

Angle out and announces his final match will be at WM.  Tonight will be his final match in his hometown, and as it was his final match in his hometown they seem to have thrown the hometown rule out the window as Angle defeated Apollo  Apollo was all smiles heading into this match as he has looked up to Angle for so many years, and much love between the two after the match ended.

McIntyre attacks Reigns from behind before the bell rings.  McIntyre all over Reigns outside the ring, a number of blows, kicks, and ringpost to Reign’s head and officials broke it up.  Reigns being checked ringside when Rollins comes out and convinces Reigns that he doesn’t have to do that match right now.  Rollins helped escort Reigns up the ramp as Reigns sells it all, looking visibly shaken.

Rollins and Ambrose get Reigns to the doctor and Amrbose leaves the room seething.  He meets up with Trip and demands a match with McIntyre, which Trip readily grants.

McIntyre defeats Ambrose in a no holds barred, falls count anywhere match!