Smackdown Live! (3/12/19)

Smackdown Results:

Shane McMahon is in the ring to explain why he attacked The Miz after their match at Fastlane. He talks about being sick and tired of hearing people asking him how they could get ahead in life. He says he is the best in the world because he was born into it. He talks about how much he enjoyed beating down the Miz at Fastlane and that he will take him on at Wrestlemania.

The Bar and Rusev & Nakamura vs Ricochet and Aleister Black & The Hardy Boys is thrown out after the New Day come down and attack the heels.

The Usos are in the back and cut a promo on the tag teams on Smackdown. They say that they are ready for all of them and make a point to call out the Hardy last.

Randy Orton says that Smackdown is the house that AJ Styles built and starts listing things he was doing while AJ was in TNA and the indies. He continues and is then interrupted by AJ Styles. AJ tells Orton that for someone who talks down about the indies, he knows a lot about his career. They have a back and forth about one ripping off other wrestlers of the past and AJ tells Orton that he is surrounded by indies now. AJ starts talking about how Orton has had help throughout his career where he had to make his way on his own. They continue to trade barbs and AJ challenges Orton to a match at Wrestlemania. Orton walks away without accepting or declining the match.

Asuka def. Sonya Deville

The IIconics cut a promo calling out Sasha and Bayley and say that the Women’s Tag Titles will become Iconic!

Becky Lynch walks down to the ring and ditches her crutch at the top of the ramp. She is in the ring and talks about how good it is to walk down to the ring and how it feels good to be back in the main event at Wrestlemania. She talks about earning her way back into her match and how she is in the head of Ronnie. She says that she is ready to beat her and the “golden girl” Charlotte at Wrestlemania and is then interrupted by Charlotte Flair. Charlotte talks about why she was chosen to replace Becky at Wrestlemania and that the WWE Universe is behind Becky because they feel sorry for her. Becky says that Charlotte had the women’s division by the throat for four years and did nothing with it while she came in and the women’s division is the main event and ends with a mic drop.

Rey Mysterio & R-Truth def. Samoa Joe & Andrade

Rowan & The New Daniel Bryan def. Mustafa Ali & Kevin Owens

Mr. McMahon is in the ring to address the plans for Kofi Kingston at Wrestlemania. He says that everybody hears want they want to hear and that he never said Kofi would be in the WWE Championship match at Fastlane. He continues to speak but is interrupted by the New Day. The New Day talk about how they are done holding back their words and that Kofi deserves more than what he has gotten. McMahon says that they don’t deserve anything and that he created everything. Big E and Xavier Woods continue to make their case for Kofi having a WWE Championship match but Mr. McMahon doesn’t see why he deserves it. Mr. McMahon says that Daniel Bryan called Kofi a B+ player and the New Day take offense to that. Kofi talks about how this is his dream and how he has provided for his family. Kofi feels worthy for the WWE Championship and how he doesn’t complain about anything. Kofi talks about the life events he has missed with his family because of how much he is on the road and that he hasn’t been given his shot. McMahon then announces Kofi will have to defeat Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, The Bar and Rowan in a gauntlet match next week to earn his title shot. The heels come  down to attack the New Day but the New Day is able to fend them off.