Arn Anderson With A Live Mic?

Arn Anderson has broken his silence since being fired from the WWE.  In that interview, he stated that he’d have a live mic at Starrcast II during AEW’s Double Or Nothing weekend.  “It used to be a dangerous setting when they handed me a live mic,” Anderson stated, “So we’ll see if it will be again.”

That same event will also feature Sting, Taker, and Bret Hart and will take place from in May.


QD – I love all the legends listed to appear at Starrcast II, but it’s Arn’s possible statement makes me absolutely giddy.  I truly hope that Arn X-Pac’s it when he gets that mic in his hands.  For those who don’t remember, X-Pac gave a scathing promo in the ring with DX after leaving the WCW.  He was given a live mic and told to get it all off his chest.  If you haven’t seen the segment in a while, you should go watch it again.  X-Pac was a bit off his rocker in it, but he broke down that third wall, kayfabe, and anything else that could be broken in such a way.  Fingers crossed that Arn gets it all off his chest.  I don’t really see it as burning bridges at this point.  It’s not like he’s going to be working the ring or managing ringside, and I doubt that McMahon would give Arn entrance into the WWE HOF as a singles competitor, and he already has his 4 Horsemen ring, so at this point it seems as though he can get it all off his chest without hurting his own future in any way.