Former TNA/Impact Wrestling Star Signs With WWE

Former two-time X Division Champion and TNA Tag Team Champion DJZ, otherwise known as Zema Ion and part of the BroMans, has signed with the WWE.  DJZ started wrestling in 2003 but wasn’t really a name of any sort before he was hired by TNA in 2011.  He has a number of independent dates to fulfill before being brought into NXT.  Robbie E, another member of the BroMans, signed with the WWE on March 11th.  All they need is to sign Rob Terry and the BroMans would be back together, but this time in the WWE.


QD – I will fully admit that I was not a fan of the BroMans or Robbie E, but I adore DJZ.  He struggled early on in TNA, but something about him was so endearing.  Maybe it was his Dragon Ball Z hair, or that he seemed really lost as to who he was supposed to be to the fans, but he really caught my attention.  I wouldn’t have thought he was on WWE’s radar, but now that he’s signed with them, I’m hoping they work with him in developing a character that works for DJZ and that he doesn’t just end up in the slush pile because McMahon doesn’t know what to do with him.