Monday Night Raw (3/18/19)

The Ism…by Dre #12

Never trust someone who pours their milk before their cereal.

Please enjoy “Monday Night Raw”


Raw Results

Heyman and Lesnar opened and talked about their match at Mania with Rollins. Heyman talked about Rollins being crazy for going up against McIntyre tonight. McIntyre comes out and tells them that he will beatdown Rollins tonight in their match and Heyman should think about getting Lesnar another opponent for Mania since Rollins will be in no condition. Rollins attacks McIntyre with a chair and gets into the ring to go at Lesnar but Lesnar gets out of the ring. Lesnar teases getting in but doesnt.

Balor to the ring talking about things to come.  Lashley and Rush out to mock Balor and face him.  Balor talks up his partner who is really following in Big Show’s footsteps as Strowman is suddenly face again for no obvious reason.

Balor & Strowman defeat Lashley & Rush

Moment of Bliss where she talks herself up, then announces Elias who announces that he’s the musical guest for WM.  Elias goes on a rant about what happened at WM last year, then trashes the Bears to serious heat!  No Way Jose’s music hits, but Otis leads the conga line.  Bliss goes off on Otis about the fifteen rehearsals they had and that he was supposed to come out at the end, not the middle.  Elias starts getting in Otis’ face but is attacked from behind by the burger, who was Jose in disguise.

Elias defeats Jose

Angle defeats Gable

Apollo demands a match with Corbin for later tonight.  Apollo stated that no one likes Corbin.  Corbin thinks Revival likes him.  Revival said no, they don’t, and laugh at Corbin.

Bayley and Sasha in the ring and state they will be on SD to answer the challenge of IIconics.  Nattie and Beth to the ring.  Beth says Nia and Tamina woke the dragon in her, while she’d been happy watching, she now wants to come out of retirement and they challenge Bayley and Sasha for WM.  Bayley asks Beth if she wants more time, and superstars have evolved.  Nattie talks up Beth in a huge way.  Nattie slaps Sasha and they throw down.

Nattie vs Sasha ends after Nia comes out on stage, talks smack to Beth to distract her.  Tamina in over the barricade to take out Beth, Bayley, and Sasha.  Nattie tends to Beth as Samoan Slaughterhouse laugh on stage.

Mojo demanding to know why his image cannot figure things out.

Ricochet defeats Mahal

Backstage Rollins talks himself up against McIntyre and Lesnar.

Ronda defeats Dana very quickly, then takes out a ref in the ring when she wouldn’t let go of Dana.  Ronda out to the barricade where her husband is standing and Ronda takes out a member of security before her husband dragged her over the barricade and away through the crowd.  Dana is rolling around on the mat holding her arm and crying in pain.

Apollo defeats Corbin  Angle out to the stage to celebrate with Apollo on the stage.

Cole interviews Batista from his home.  Batista stumbled over his own words and made a hash of it.  (Queen’s Decree)

Video of Strowman trashing the car last week.  Backstage Strowman is told about Tweets about Strowman needing discipline, but he will be winning the ATGBR.  Bliss tries to talk Strowman down, she wants to make it right.  He will give her a week, but if they disrespect him again, they will get these hands.

McIntyre defeats Rollins after BL and Heyman come out to the stage to distract Rollins.