AEW News On Newest Signee And Trademark Filings

All Elite Wrestling and Cody Rhodes have been very busy lately.  They just hired Sadie Gibbs who is a highly regarded wrestler from the United Kingdom.  She is one more addition to an already stacked roster.

This week Cody has filed for some interesting trademarks, some of which will be highly recognizable to long-term wrestling fans.  On March 18th he filed for “Prince of Wrestling,” Battlebowl,” Bunkhouse Stampede,” and “Bash at the Beach.”  “Bunkhouse Stampede” and “Battlebowl” were both creations of Dusty Rhodes while with Jim Crocket Promotions and WCW.


QD – Just when I think that Cody has reached his pinnacle as a businessman he further steps up his game.  Dusty was an amazing businessman and wrestling genius himself, and it’s obvious that he passed that acumen to his son.  Cody and The Young Bucks have more than proven that not all wrestlers are blockheads and that they have what it takes to turn the industry on its head.  I tune in each day just to see what Cody does next.  I’m typing this with a smile on my face.