Impact Wrestling Star Allie Signs With AEW (UPDATE)

As announced on All Elite Wrestling’s YouTube series The Road To Double Or Nothing, Impact Wrestling star and former Knockouts Champion Allie has signed with AEW:

As of press time, there are no details on Allie’s Impact Wrestling contract status. However, it should be noted that Impact Wrestling management has made it very clear that they desire to work with AEW in ANY capacity.

UPDATE: Allie’s last appearance for Impact Wrestling will air on tomorrow’s episode of Impact and she will not be appearing at this weekend’s TV tapings.  Impact Wrestling informed her in January that they would not be renewing her deal and that she would be finishing up at their last set of TV tapings in Las Vegas.  It has been reported that it was just a decision made to refresh the roster and she was genuinely well liked. It has also been reported that Allie kept the fact she was finishing up to herself and no one on the roster was really aware of it until today’s AEW signing announcement.

Sir Mitch Says: Some may poke fun at AEW signing Impact stars given how far the now Anthem Entertainment owned promotion has fallen the last few years. But despite all their problems, they still have a pretty talented roster currently and have ALWAYS had a very strong women’s division!

So if this is the beginning of a talent exchange between Impact and AEW…I’m all for it!