To Gronk Or Not To Gronk, That Is The Question

That night after the Super Bowl I stated that Rob Gronkowski, otherwise known as Gronk, would be retiring and going to the WWE, likely before WrestleMania.  This was my own personal prediction, and while I caught a lot of flack in the Raw and Smackdown Dignified Discussions that week, I stood my ground.

After Mojo Rawley won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33, eliminating Jinder Mahal with the help of his good friend Gronk, I had the gut feeling that we would see him in the WWE when his NFL career was over.  Some football players semi-naturally move into wrestling, but it’s a rare few who do it gracefully and have a great wrestling career.  No one knows if Gronk will be one who is naturally talented in pro wrestling.  Only time will tell.

I catch a lot of guff for being a New England Patriot’s fan, but they are my local team and I was brought up as a fan of all the Boston area professional sports teams.  It’s because of this that I caught such guff from the Wrestle Royalty Community when I mentioned my thoughts on Gronk joining the WWE.  I understand this but had to laugh when I woke up to all the rumors of Gronk joining the WWE and planning to be at Raw tonight, being that it’s in Boston.

Only time will tell what happens with Gronk and the WWE, but I’ll admit that I’m sitting here smirking about all of this as I stated over a month ago that Gronk would be with the WWE, and it would happen on or before WrestleMania.  Still only a rumor, but I’m sticking with my gut.

Queen KB