McMahon Still Isn’t Ready For Asuka

Going into this WrestleMania I have to wonder how much Vince McMahon agrees with this women’s evolution. He’s said all the right things, let the women work the ring more than ever, and has let them do a lot of the gimmick matches that only men had done before, but I’m not sure he at all agrees with the direction the Women’s Division has gone these past couple years. Certain times it’s felt like he’s giving most of them lip service and very little else. Other than the chosen few, being Charlotte and Ronda, most of the women are still not getting the respect or direction they deserve in the WWE, and I will be hitting on a couple of these women and my thoughts as to why they’re not as over in their booking as they are in reality, in future issues of Queenly Surmise.

Asuka went undefeated in NXT and it looked as though she was going to be treated well when she was brought up to the main roster. Winning the Royal Rumble Match was a great moment for her, and going after Charlotte at WrestleMania made so much sense. The problem with undefeated streaks is that when it ends the superstar doesn’t have a storyline to run with and they fall apart.  That happened with Asuka when she lost to Charlotte, but Asuka is so good that she could have bounced back if she was booked well, which we all know she wasn’t.

Working that feud with Carmella could have been great for both women, but the booking of it all, especially the PPV matches, was so bad that it left everyone scratching their heads.  Carmella grew by leaps and bounds during that feud, but Asuka who previously had the world at her feet was made to look like a joke.

Poor Asuka had been wallowing in nothingness until she won the Smackdown Women’s Championship and all of her fans were thrilled to see that she had direction again.  Or, we thought she did until it would be weeks between Asuka sightings on Smackdown, even though she should have been on each week defending her championship.  Going into WrestleMania we had been hearing nothing about what they were going to be doing with Asuka and the Smackdown Women’s Championship.  No clue who she would be facing because we never saw her, or anyone who could possibly face her, even though there are a number of strong women on Smackdown who could have gone to WrestleMania with her.

Two weeks out from WrestleMania we have an Asuka sighting, and she’s in a match with Charlotte and that’s great for her.  Finally we get to see Asuka in the ring with someone who is equally great until it’s announced that it’s a Smackdown Woman’s Championship Match and we all knew it was over for Asuka again.

Rather than book Asuka to look strong, build her a solid feud for WrestleMania, they move the strap to Charlotte who is already in the main event at WrestleMania.  We all know that Vince McMahon thinks Charlotte is the top woman on the roster, but he’s taken it to such an extreme that she’s been added into a WrestleMania match that didn’t need her, and now strapped her, taking the gold away from one of the best wrestlers on the roster.  I don’t know what McMahon is thinking, but he’s very obviously not thinking of the female superstars who give their all for the company, but only for Charlottle as she’s tall, blonde, has big boobs, and her last name is Flair.

Not cool McMahon, not cool at all!

Queen KB