I’m Not Asking for Thoughts & Prayers, I am Here to Answer Them

Welcome to another edition of a Sovereign Statement and I will keep it simple, this week’s Raw was very meh. Not much to speak of happened and that is a darn shame. Raw has been doing pretty well in 2019 but it seems like they have stumbled a bit in recent weeks. The shows aren’t horrible, but they are just meh and middle of the road. So enough with the intro, let us dive in and see why I feel this week’s Raw was very meh.


Ronda Rousey In-Ring

Ronda’s mic skills have simply not gotten any better. She seems to have plateaued and she should have just said “you’re welcome” and dropped the mic. Instead, she decided to pick up the mic again and say some more things. She is better when she is short and straight to the point. Also, she has said she has been a fan of wrestling for years and for her to not know what a “Beat the Clock Challenge” is kind of laughable. The Riott Squad came down for the challenge and then Becky Lynch came out to a roar of cheers. Becky is masterclass on the mic and she showed it again here. Charlotte Flair then came down and owned her entitlement and she did well here as well.


Ronda Rousey vs Sarah Logan

I hate that the Riott Squad are the ones being fed to the ladies here because they should be in the Women’s Tag Title picture. Not much happened in this match as Ronda picked up the quick win in 1:25 to set the bar in the Beat the Clock Challenge. Best part of this match was the reverse Cloverleaf that Logan did but other than that, not much to the match.


Charlotte Flair vs Ruby Riott

This match had to be quick because of the Beat the Clock stipulation but the Ruby and Charlotte had a good match. It was quick that went the distance and that is pretty much it. I guess it shows that the leader of the Riott Squad is the one who is the strongest but we all know that already. Again, Ruby should be in a better spot than this because she is amazing.


Becky Lynch vs Liv Morgan

I feel that Liv is underrated in the ring and has only gotten better. Now if only she and Logan were given more of a chance to shine, that would be nice. Becky ate a boot from Charlotte prior to the match and it impacted her in the match. Though it wasn’t enough of an impact because Becky would pick up the win and take the Beat the Clock Challenge. The only problem is that nothing was on the line in the challenge so this all felt like an excuse to have all three women around each other at the same time.


Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley & Jinder Mahal

When Lio cut a promo prior to the match and announced he wouldn’t be Lashley’s partner and would be replaced by Jinder, it felt like it was easy to see Finn take this one. Jinder is a downgrade from Lio because Jinder has gone back to jobber status so why would Lio and Lashley think it was a good idea to choose him? The match itself was fine and Balor does a really good job at playing the underdog. Again though, the problem is that we all pretty much knew Finn was going to win and earn himself an Intercontinental title match at Wrestlemania. There was an ugly botch on the Slingblade by Finn onto Lashley that looked like Finn just slipped on Lashley’s body and it just look bad. Finn picked up the win and Lashley beat down the Singh Bros and Jinder after the match.


Elias in NY

It was nice of Elias to be in Times Square and continue to promote how he is the musical act at Wrestlemania. I really cannot wait for him to say something about being in New Jersey or at least I hope he does. The random guitarist that showed up and outplayed and outsung him was perfect and this was probably my favorite part of Raw up until this point.


Aleister Black & Ricochet vs the Revival

The Raw tag division really seems to be featuring only three teams at the moment in any sort of serious role and I guess that is a step up for the division. The Raw tag division has been horrible and the team of Black and Ricochet have breathed new life into it. This is a match we have seen before in one way or another and once again, this was a good match. This was probably the match of the night and it is easy to expect that given the participants. Hard to say anything new about this matchup because we have seen multiple times and it is hard to find anything new. Not that it is a bad thing, it is just hard to see new things when you have seen it so much. I do wish that Black would stop doing that fake out Asai Moonsault because he doesn’t grab the rope and I just do not want to see him injure himself. Ricochet and Black would pick up the win here in a good match and I love that the Revivial has the ring announcer announce that they are still the tag champs. Maybe those days are numbered, and we will be seeing new tag champions at Wrestlemania.


Drew McIntyre In-Ring

Drew McIntyre is the top heel on Raw right now and he is just amazing in every single way. He came out to tell Roman to not accept his challenge because he has to think of his family. I love that McIntyre isn’t backing down from the challenge but rather telling Roman to be aware of what could happen to him if he accepts. Roman then came down and accepted the match and told McIntyre to keep his family’s name out of his mouth. Roman then attacked Drew and it looked like he would beat him down, but McIntyre hit Roman with a low blow and then a Claymore kick. I truly believe that McIntyre will be the Universal Champion before the year is over.


Ambrose Challenges McIntyre

This is the Dean Ambrose we all have known and loved throughout his WWE tenure and it is a shame that we may be seeing the last of it in WWE. Dean showed disdain for McIntyre calling him a cockroach and I love that Drew never wavered. Ambrose challenged him to a Last Man Standing match and Drew was quick to accept.


Sasha Banks vs Natalya

Well we have ourselves a rematch here from last week and this was better than last week but only because it got more time. It was expected that these two would have a good match as they are two of the best workers in the company right now. There was some really good back and forth and when it started to pick up, Nia and Tamina came down and attacked the women. I hate that we got the same match and same result as last week but there was one difference. Beth Phoenix was able to get the upper hand on Nia and Tamina this week and she stood tall at the end after hitting a Glam Slam on Tamina.


Kurt Angle Backstage

Kurt Angle was interviewed in the back and he spoke about why he chose Samoa Joe as an opponent on his farewell tour. It all makes sense because we all know of their history in TNA/Impact. Baron Corbin then came in and continued to talk trash to Angle and be the absolute slimeball that he is. I know people are expecting a swerve here, but I feel like this really is the match we are getting at Wrestlemania.


Sasha Banks & Bayley Backstage

I always love when Sasha is intense because that is when she lets out the Boss persona. This was quick and to the point and she said that she wants to take on everybody that has been calling out her and Bayley at Wrestlemania.


A Moment of Bliss…

This segment was just absolutely horrible and furthered my lack of interest in these Moment of Bliss segments. Alexa is so much better than this and it is a shame that they have stuck her with this. Strowman is also better than this and he should not be stuck with this SNL storyline. Him picking a child a winning the tag titles at last year’s Wrestlemania is looking better and better isn’t it? This was all done to get Colin Jost and Michael Che into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and I have a feeling that Jost is going to win it. This was a really bad segment and the epitome of “skip!”.


Elias in NY Part 2

Elias is now in front of Madison Square Garden and I love how he just owns how famous he thinks he is. I love the disdain he showed in someone only giving him a quarter in his cup but that it gave him an idea. We would see how this concludes later on during Raw.


Baron Corbin vs Apollo Crews

The best part of this match was the introduction Corbin got from the ring announcer prior to the match. Outside of that, I guess it was fine to see Corbin get his heat back after his loss to Apollo last week. This was pretty much a bathroom break match and the lack of interest from a hot crowd reflected that. Apollo has shown flashes of a bright personality, but it is a shame he is relegated to this role. At least he is getting some tv time, right?


Seth Rollins In-Ring

This was not the best Seth Rollins promo and he really struggled out there. He really just said more of the same that he has been saying for weeks since he won the Royal Rumble and chose Brock Lesnar as his opponent for Wrestlemania. He was really having trouble getting the crowd into the promo until Paul Heyman made his way out. Now Heyman did was he does and that is sell Lesnar and the match. It was after Heyman came out that Seth was able to find some sort of footing and saved this segment because it really felt like it was dragging on a bit.


Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe

It is so hard to watch Kurt in the ring anymore and it is so obvious how much his opponents are carrying him in his matches. Angle was barely able to life Joe up for his signature German Suplexes and I really worried we would see a bad botch because of it. The match was really just hard to watch, and it was decent enough as well. I understand why they are giving Angle a farewell tour and matches but it is getting harder and harder to watch him in the ring. The best part of this match was the promo that Samoa Joe cut prior to the match because he just killed it as usual.


Triple H In-Ring

I had completely forgotten that Triple H was set to come out and talk about Batista this week when he made his entrance. A very meh Raw will do that I guess. Triple H is a legend, but this segment just felt like one of his long drawn out ones that we all tune out of by the end of it. He struggled getting the envelope from the inside pocket of his leather jacket but at least his owned up to it. He spoke about how Batista wants him to put his career on the line and after a very long promo, he agreed. I think this should have been saved for a contract signing segment on the go-home but then again, I am not sold on this match so maybe this was better.


Elias in NY Part 3

This was my favorite segment of Elias from this week’s Raw and I love that he had his guitar case out and had plenty of tips in it. I loved how he continued playing and earning his tips but was robbed of some of them. He said it was no big deal but while he was playing, the man came back to take the rest of the money. That segment had me dying and I love how Elias as clueless to the fact that he just got robbed.


Dean Ambrose vs Drew McIntyre

It was quite the shame we got the Triple H segment right before this because it completely took away time that could have been given to this match. They only had ten minutes to work with and that is nowhere near enough time for a proper Last Man Standing match. I will give them credit for trying to cram as much as they could into the match, but this could have been way better. They laid into each other with a kendo stick that left marks on each other and McIntyre would pick up the win after putting Dean through a table and hitting a Claymore kick. McIntyre is being built up as an absolute beast and he is owning every minute of it.


Final Statement

As I said at the beginning of this week’s Sovereign Statement, this was a very meh episode of Raw. Not many things stood out and many things just left me with the feeling of meh. The highlights were the tag match with Ricochet/Black vs the Revival and the Roman and McIntyre confrontation. The Elias segments were the other highlights as everything else was just meh. The low points had to be the Ronda promo and the lack of logic behind the Beat the Clock Challenge. While those were some low points, the lowest point was the Moment of Bliss segment because that was outright horrible. I am Sovereign S.A.M. and make sure you join me next week for another Sovereign Statement.