Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) Allows His WWE Contract To Expire, Could He Be Headed To AEW?

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Goldust’s (Dustin Runnels) WWE contract has expired and he will be a free agent as soon as his 90-day no-compete expires in May.

Runnels recently removed WWE references from his social media bio’s, and there has been speculation that he may be on his way to All Elite Wrestling to join his brother, Cody Rhodes.

The latest episode of the YouTube series The Road to Double or Nothing features a tease that led to fans assuming his brother Dustin would be joining the company. At the end of the video, Cody talks with his seamstress, and she is heard asking him if she should stay away from Gold.In previous episodes, Cody and others on the show have been teasing who Cody’s opponent would be, and it has led to much speculation from fans.The timing works out perfectly because Dustin’s no-compete expires sometime in May and Double Or Nothing will take place on May 25th.

Dustin noted on February 20 that he would be changing his Twitter name to @DustinRhodes so, if that is the day when he finished up with WWE, then the 90 days would expire just a few days before AEW’s big show in Las Vegas.

Sir Mitch Says: This isn’t surprising! After WWE denied Goldust’s request to work the All In show he swore up and down publicly that he would be on the next show his little brother would promote no matter what. All this is is a man keeping a promise to his brother!

QD – I want to remind everyone that the ‘I’m leaving the WWE and going to AEW’ thing has been a running joke around here, and I’ll be shocked if Dustin doesn’t end up working with his brother as it’s a natural, but things are not always what they seem.  Please remember that even when we have confirmation from our sources, even they can be wrong at times.  We are all human.