Dragon Gate Wrestlers Denied Visas

WrestleCon recently announced that PAC would not be able to attend the show WrestleMania weekend due to visa issues.  It appears as though he’s not the only one with this issue.  It appears as though not only British PAC, but also Japanese wrestlers will not be able to work WrestleCon due to their own visa issues.

WrestleCon offered refunds to any fans requesting one.

WrestleCon has announced:

This week has been the most challenging in our history. Sadly, we need to announce another major cancellation; Dragon Gate talent will not be available at WrestleCon NYC. We have been excited about working with Dragon Gate since last fall, and have been in constant communication with one another about the expectations and requirements for international performers to legally work in the United States. Dragon Gate has always been very explicit that they require a valid working Visa to come into the United State to perform; this is the main reason Dragon Gate talent has not performed in the United States in recent years. As with PAC, we hired an immigration attorney to work directly with Dragon Gate to facilitate Visas that would allow their talent to travel to NYC for WrestleCon weekend; we also hoped to facilitate a long-term relationship that would include future conventions. Unfortunately, after two separate Visa application attempts, including conversations with the Japanese Consulate, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Visa Center, and the Visa Office in Tokyo, we are left without any more time to make this possible. According to our government, because we are not the primary employers of the Dragon Gate talent, and we are not able to offer annual employment contracts with WrestleCon, there is no Visa option for these performers. While our attorneys and Dragon Gate believe one type of Visa does apply, ultimately the government disagrees. Lastly, we have incurred non-refundable legal and travel expenses of nearly $15,000 in our attempt to secure their legal passage into our country; we are as disappointed as you are that this did not work out.


QD – I’m trying to hold my crazy conspiracy theories to myself, but it’s hard when the WWE doesn’t have these issues.  I’m not going THERE just yet, but my Queenly senses are tingling and I’m going to be watching this closely going forward.