Hacksaw Jim Duggan Undergoes Medical Procedure

Hacksaw Jim Duggan stated on Instagram that he was heading to hospital for a planned heart procedure.  He was hospitalized in December for AFib, so this was not unexpected.

Hacksaw stated:

“On my way to the hospital for a planned heart procedure, will be in overnight. Then back HOOOOOING. Any good thoughts and prayers will be appreciated. See you down the road.”


QD – The weekend before Hacksaw was inducted into the WWE HoF I saw him live at an indie show.  He was so amped up that he kept the entire signing room in stitches.  Between his ‘Hooooo!’ and Tony Atlas’ iconic laugh, it was a wild afternoon.  Later in the ring with Mick Foley, they discussed how they had been mistaken for each other by semi-casual fans for years and many didn’t understand why Hacksaw still had both ears.  They further joked about they had never been in a wrestling ring together, so they told everyone to get pictures for proof that they were not the same person pulling double duty.  They had me laughing so hard I was in tears!