Bret Hart Attacked During Hall Of Fame Speech UPDATED

Bret Hart was attacked by an audience member during his Hall of Fame speech.  As Bret Hart and Nattie stood side by side at the podium a man in a colorful hat rushed Bret from the side.  It appeared as though a fan was right behind the attacker trying to stop him.  The screen went black, keeping the home viewers from seeing as much a possible.  When the show came back Bret’s hair was messed, Nattie was in tears, and Bret was being talked to by the trainers and Edge.  Beth was there soothing Nattie.  Heath Slater threw something down on the mat and was pacing while seething.  Drake Maverick was also in the ring and stepped up to the podium.  He pulled the mic down to his level and told everyone to ignore that guy and let’s get back to the show as things should be.

This year’s WWE Hall of Fame set was very different in that the stage was the ring, the wrestlers all had floor seats, and there were less barricades separating the fans, this might have facilitated the attack that might not have happened otherwise.

Watching the video below more closely it was Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston appeared to be the first on top of the attacker to get him off Bret and Nattie. Maverick was there quickly and they were all dropping blows on him and the blows continued as they got him from the ring and carried him away to be arrested.


QD – Only for Botch am I not cussing up a storm about this.  Bret Hart might only be 61 years old, but we all know that since the stroke he’s struggled mentally, and he’s really struggling physically these days.  He’s 61 years old, but in many ways he’s much older and looking much more infirm than his years.  I’m sickened by this attack.  I heard that the attacker took quite a couple of blows in the ring and while being carried away by security and wrestlers.  I’m thrilled at every punch landed on the attacker and I hope he is charged with every possible thing they can come up with and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!